December 16, 2008

Business Block

I've been brewing a new business adventure and it's been a little frustrating trying to settle on a name. I've had no problems coming up with great names, but it's another story when it comes to acquiring available domain, username, blog name, etc. During this seemingly endless search process, I found PickyDomains:

If you need a great, memorable, easy to pronounce domain name that EXACTLY describes what your website is all about - you are in the right place. This is what we do. We find available domain names that are descriptive, concise and are easily remembered. And if we can’t find one, or you don’t like any available domain names we suggest – you don’t pay anything. PickyDomains.Com is completely RISK FREE.
In exchange for a blog post mention, they're offering to work with bloggers for free. . .so here's my post and we'll see what comes of it!


ABC Dragoo said...

I "picked a name" bought a url, did business for two years working in commerce with the name and then ran into trouble. A little advice, get a trademark application in place BEFORE you start advertising your idea.

French Blast said...

I am allways doubtful with these propositions... tell us what will follow! I am curious