October 10, 2008

Hotel Habita Monterrey in Mexico

Danielle over at the style files always finds the most incredible hotels that I have bookmarked to stay at "one of these days." Hotel Habita Monterrey, in all of it's black and white goodness {interiors by Parisian designer Joseph Dirand} is now on the top of the list! (image via the style files)


paula said...

i have been to monterrey many times to help out a church, which means i also slept on the floor of that church. next time may be have to be for vacation just so i can stay here!

by the way, aly's is stunning and the taco bar became a regular part of our vacation. yesterday we went to watercolor and they had this great little pizzaria.

DEE BEALE said...

Just wanted to say fab blog.

Anonymous said...