July 25, 2008


Sorry for the light posting as of late. . .we're taking some time away where these are coming in very handy. It's actually taking some time to catch up on projects that I've been putting aside for long time now, so I'm hoping to have some exciting changes and updates in the next couple weeks. I'll be posting here and there, but be sure and click over to the many great links to the left for some good reading. Will be back to more black and white goodness real soon! (photo by aga2957)

July 16, 2008

Orange Beautiful :: Motivate Prints

"Need a little kick in the ass?" Yes, ladies of Orange Beautiful, as a matter of fact I do. These came right in the middle of my super busy, crazy hectic, overwhelming amount of things to to do week. Anyone else missing when summer meant lazy days?

July 09, 2008

design is mine :: Be Kind, Design Tee

Another great tee I'd like to add to my type-geek wardrobe {that already includes this, this and this}. (via design-milk)

House Industries :: Ampersand T

I'll take one in black and one in yellow. (link via HOW)

July 08, 2008

Two Trees :: Spend Some Time with Me

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. . .and a nice long holiday for those in the US. Mine was spent with lots and lots of good food and good company, which is about all I need for a good time.

Catching up on my blogslines this morning. . .Jan over at poppytalk just started a great new series this month called Something Special, to coincide with Home Sweet Home, the housewares themed market at poppytalk handmade. The first feature showcases Shanna Murray and her "Spend some time with me" letterpress print and pillow are definitely something special.

July 02, 2008

The Rise of Eco and Indie Luxury

An interesting post over at ChangeOrder:

The idea of Old Luxury (high fashion, high quality, high touch, high price) has fractured over the past ten years into a number of new and surprising categories that make it even harder to market a product as Old Luxury, but even easier to draw an audience into considering a purchase at a higher price point.

With the coming recession, there is going to be a shift from the New Luxury or "masstige" market into Eco and Indie Luxury.