May 23, 2008

20x200 x 20% off

Jen Bekman's "ridculously affordable" prints at 20x200 are now even more affordable with a 20% off ALL prints sale this weekend. Here are the details:

+Enter the coupon code RIDONK at checkout to redeem your discount

+Any size print can be purchased with the 20% discount. (That's $400 off a large print! Holy guacamole!)

+The 20% discount applies to print price only.

+You can purchase up to 5 prints with the 20% discount

+The coupon code is not applicable to gift certificate purchases.

+The sale ends promptly at 11:59pm on Monday. No exceptions!

I could swing for a large size of this one, but I think the small size is more in my price range:

Happy shopping!


Alfonso said...

You mean 20x200, right?

JHAYNE said...

oops, yes! will correct, thank you!

design for mankind. said...

Couldn't love this print ANYMORE. :)