February 29, 2008

OrangeBeautiful :: Black, White and Bright!

Emily sent over these new black and white wicker pattern cards that are just a sneak peek of OrangeBeautiful's new line {that will include more b&w cards} coming this May. Great pop of color with the bright envelopes. Thanks for sharing, Emily!

February 28, 2008

Jonathan Adler :: New Wallpaper Collection

New wallpapers over at Jonathan Adler. {clockwise from top left: keys, greek keys, nixon, scroll}

mstetson :: Chalkboard Kitchen Wall

Love the numbers in varied typefaces on this chalkboard wall. . .I know you can change it, but I'd love to have this up on the wall all the time! p.s. Be sure and peek over at the mstetson blog for lots for design goodness! (images via mstetson, link via d*s)

February 26, 2008

Lines & Shapes Logo

I'm sure you've heard of Lines & Shapes {another amazing collaborative project from two very talented creatives, Maria Vettese & Lena Corwin}, but I just had to comment on what a wonderful logo this is. {links via freshly blended}

DFM :: Inspiration E-zine Issue 2

I feel like I just got through pouring over DFM's Inspiration {free!} e-zine Issue 1 and yesterday Erin posted Issue 2! Below is one of my favorite pages in the latest issue. A simple yet powerful inspiration that's definitely going up where I can see it daily. Erin, I'm thinking this needs to made into a poster and put in your Etsy shop! {as if 5000 handmade, one-of-a-kind treetings and fabulous e-zine's weren't keeping you busy already}

See Jane Work :: Office Basics Composition Book

Love this updated composition book featuring original cover designs by Artist-Illustrator Greg Paprocki available at See Jane Work.

Essimar :: Zaha

Beautiful hand-cut rabbit by Essimar on Etsy.

OrangeBeautiful :: Button Up

Lovely black and white buttons from the gals at OrangeBeautiful.

February 22, 2008

"F" Style

I’m a believer in what I like to call “hardcore” design. This is design focused on results. It can employ any of a multitude of treatments. It’s not personal in nature, unless this is in fact necessary. Hardcore design is driven by insight, strategy and purpose.
(via core77)

Fishs Eddy :: Floor Plan Dishware

How fun are these floor plan plates from {one of my favorites} Fishs Eddy. (link and image via ATNY)

February 21, 2008

Black & White by perfectbound

Julie and Kathryn from the lovely perfectbound blog have a wonderful post today on black and white over at the design*sponge guest blog. I'm especially taken by this pic, especially the polka dots! Wouldn't it be great to paint the inside of a window seat or reading nook with polka dots? (image via d*s guest blog)

February 20, 2008

Tuff as Snails :: Numbers Dress

How cute is this numbers dress!

Fontastic Quiz

For a little {type-geek} lunchtime fun, click here. (via designnotes)

This shirt is business casual

This shirt is business casual. (via our friend visiting us from out of town)

February 19, 2008

February 15, 2008

Instant Architect

This made me giggle as I'm married to an architect. Which by the way, took him 5 years of school, 3 years of internship and 9 exams over 5 months to be able officially call himself an architect. (link via swissmiss via core77)

February 14, 2008

Steve Powers :: ". . .Except you, Love"

". . .Except you, Love."

(via notcot)

Sharon Montrose :: Photography

I picked up Lightweights several years ago on one of my usual Barnes & Noble impluse purchases and it's one of my favorite little books in our library. And I've recently found {via delight} photographer Sharon Montrose's blog! Anyways, since it's you know what day, I couldn't resist posting these crazy cute basset hound puppies. If this doesn't get your heart all warm and fuzzy, I don't know what would.

February 12, 2008

Skinny laMinx :: Paper Cuts

For the very brave, a fabulous paper cut how-to from Skinny laMinx. (via craftzine)

Jacob Macgraw :: Drawing

As always, if I'm going to have color on this blog, I'm going to have lots of it! Drawing by Jacob Magraw is the latest edition from the very addicting 20x200.

Free Letterpress Webinar

On Tuesday February 26 at 2 p.m. EST, PaperSpecs is presenting a free letterpress webinar featuring Judith Berliner, owner and founder of Full Circle Press {who partners with a day in may design on absolutely gorgeous wedding invitations}. (link and image via how)

Charles & Marie :: Alphabet Paperclips

Alphabet! Paperclips! (link via design crush)

February 11, 2008

Free Love in Times Squre

LOVE in Times Square, a public art project featuring 15 unique banner designs by 12 top graphic designers and illustrators. Each banner utilizes the word “LOVE” in a strikingly different typographic treatment, as each artist brings their personal interpretation to the word. (link via design observer)

{My favorites from left to right by: Rodrigo Corral, Carin Goldberg, Worldstudio, Goodesign, James Victore, and Marian Bantjes}

Paper Boat Press :: Quote Tags & Vessels

I'm a huge fan of type on ceramics. . .these beauties are by artist Kylie Johnson of Paper Boat Press. (link and image via bblinks)

On/Off Mug

Exactly how it works with me and coffee.

Fred & Friends :: Roman Numerals

Party like it’s MCMXCIX! Haha, "XXX" would be so much more fun for a big 3-0 cake! (via notcot)

Multistorey :: AV Festival T-Shirt

This made me laugh. (via quipsologies)

February 07, 2008

Michelle Armas :: Claud

Claud, by {graphic designer/painter/blogger/new artist on the beholder} Michelle Armas. (link via dfm)

February 06, 2008

Seb Lester :: Type

Beautiful, indeed. More typographic goodness from Seb right here. (Thanks for sharing, Seb!)

February 05, 2008

labpartners :: Kitchen Cupboard

Sweet kitchen cupboard gocco print from labpartners {found while I've got breadmaker going and apples in the oven for applesauce}. Also check out their blog!

For Typoholics {like myself}

Grace over at Design*Sponge just posted a fantastic round-up on "numbers and letters" as a mini-trend. Of course as a self-diagnosed typoholic, I think typography is always in style. . .but loved seeing this collection all put together as something that is appealing to the "general" world of design. Definitely click over and see all the type-goodness!

(Alphabet Mugs from Fishs Eddy, link via design*sponge)

February 04, 2008

Quote :: "Under the Influence of Imagination"

"There is a boundary to people's passions when they act from feelings; but none when they are under the influence of imagination." - Edmund Burke