January 02, 2008

My 8 for 2008

(image: Pentagram 2008 Typography Calendar)

It's been a busy start to 2008 and with 365 {well, now 361} more days ahead of me, here are a few creative goals I'd like to focus on for this year:

1. Take more pictures and learn how to better use my camera {Canon Rebel XT} settings.
Whenever we get back from a trip, I always wish I had taken more pictures. This kinda hit me over the holidays while spending time with family. We also tend to have tons of pictures of buildings {husband = architect} and signage {me = graphic designer}, but not very many of us in the places we've been.

I might also like to get a small point and shoot to have with me at all times as I don't always take the "big one" with me. I'm dreaming about a Leica D-Lux 3, but hmmm, maybe we'll have to see how Goal #8 goes.

It's been a long time since my Intro to Photography class (where we processed film ourselves, imagine that) and I just haven't made the time to brush up on the basics. As a result, we've got lots of blurred and washed out photos. Anyways, along with goal number 1 above, I'm hoping to freshen up my photo skills.

So, the more the merrier and practice makes perfect!

3. Print more pictures
I'm sure many of you can identify with this, but I've got thousands of photos and a handful of prints since I started using a digital camera about 6 years ago. Sad to say, our wedding pictures aren't even printed. I'm considering doing hardcover photo books versus prints and finding albums. iPhoto and blurb seem to be the most promising as far as well designed templates; any other suggestions?

4. Get my sewing on
This is pretty embarassing to say, but a couple years back I was given a very nice Janome sewing machine for my birthday and I've maybe used it 2 or 3 times since. I've got lots of fabric stashed away for various pillows and small projects around the house. I'm really good at starting new projects, but not so good at seeing them to the end.

5. Write {and blog} more often
Writing is not a huge strength of mine, but if find that the more I write, the easier it is. I'd also like to keep up with posting on black.white.bliss more often.

6. Keep my home office organized
This is sort of related to creativity. . .I tend to use our second bedroom/my home office as sort of a collecting and organizing space. I pick up all over the house and it all usually gets dumped in that room to eventually be sorted. And eventually never comes. A tidy room means more space of creative ideas to flow!

7. Get my recipes organized
There is just one word to describe the current state of my recipe "box". . .chaos. I also have a very bad habit of not writing recipes down. I've memorized lots of my mom's best recipes and I'd like to be able to pass them on. As much as I dream about designing by own template pages and book covers, I know the reality is it won't happen {see Goal #3, no wedding pictures printed}. I recently came across Tastebook where you can make your own custom recipe books and they seem to have some pretty nice templates. I'll let you know how it goes if I ever get it a try.

8. Start a small design business.
This is something I've always had this filed in the "eventually" folder, but with resources like blogs, Etsy, etc., why not now? I'll probably focus on paper goods {maybe get my Gocco out more often and fire up my tiny little Sigwalt letterpress} since that's what I know best, but who knows, I gotta just take that first step and get out there.

Whoa, so there it is! I think this just might be one of the longest posts I've ever done. . .looks like I'm already on my way to accomplishing #5!


Christine Edwards said...

Mmmm, are we twins separated at birth? Your goals are similar to mine. Here's to a great 2008!

fifi said...

tastebook looks quite good....please do let us know how it works out if you ever try it! i am the same with recipes but manage to shove them in a plastic sleeve folder which is barely ok! between me and my boyfriend we have sri lankan, welsh, russian, yugoslavian and hungarian blood so we have loads of family recipes to compile!

Freshly Found said...

Yes lots of duplicate goals there with me too!
All the best for your design endeavour!

Lisa from Blush said...

Just wandered into your blog and along with the previous commentors, I could have written this list!

I like you!

Maggie said...

This is a little late, but about wedding photos and iPhoto... my husband and I used iPhoto to print books for our mothers (because they were about to riot if they didn't receive pictures!) We were *very* pleased with how the books turned out. The hardest part was deciding which photos to put in the books and how to arrange them. We chose a portfolio style (no text) and they look very nice. Each mom received a personalized book and we got ourselves copies of each of their books. The four books were reasonably priced and, like I said, they look great! I'm planning to use it again (or blurb, which I just learned about) to make books of our recent safari, family holidays, etc. Good luck to you!