September 28, 2007

Hello, October!

Is it really October? Sorry for the major blog slacking! I have a couple projects that a really kicking my behind and October is looking like a jam-packed, crazy busy month for me. But other than that, it's off to an exciting start with:

+An all new design*sponge now makes it home at Be sure to update your rss feed. (ps. site will be live at 10 am today)

+The fabulous Kim and Jo of desire to inspire are going to be guest blogging over at the new d*s

+The debut of Poppytalk Handmade (Congrats, Jan!)

September 27, 2007

Casa Design for Mankind

Am totally wishing design for mankind's casa was my casa! Now this is black and white at its best. (link via desire to inspire, photos from design for mankind)

September 21, 2007


Guess who is finally going to see a certain movie {that's now the #1 independent film in the country} tonight! And we're taking a much earned long weekend off, so I'll either drop off the face of the internets or do a lot of catch up work on the blog and other creative pursuits ;)

The Beginning of Beirut

Michael Beirut shows off his circa 1978 portfolio that landed him his first job Vignelli Associates. . .and that was the last time he had to look for work.

Happy Pills

design-milk posted about this wonderfully {in my opinion, at least} branded candy store in Barcelona, Happy Pills, designed by studio m. I just love the whole concept and clean, simple design. I'd definitely be happy to take my pills from this place! (images via design-milk)

September 20, 2007

Stefan Sagmeister :: Casa da Musica Identity System

A great post on Brand New introducing Stefan Sagmeister's identity system for the Rem Koolhaas designed Casa de Musica in Porto, Portugal. There are literally endless options!

September 19, 2007

remake :: Mini notebooks

Dear remake,

I love, love, love these journals {mini, black+white and type}! Please make more of these. . .I just might buy them all.

p.s. thanks to cake+pie for the great find!

September 18, 2007

Mike Monteiro :: Untitled

I love this, just makes me laugh. The artist statement also cracked me up: I'm really not good with words.

It's tough to see the handmade-ness of it looking at a .jpg online, but the prints themselves are velvety and gorgeous - you can see the texture of the brushstrokes, and the irregularity of the borders of the letters. All that aside, it's just funny and true.

Mike Monteiro's "You're Impossible" print is available at 20x200, just $20 for an 8.5x11.

September 17, 2007

Marian Bantjes :: Sak's "Want it!" Campaign

WOW is about all I can say about Sak's new "Want it!" campaign, featuring the work of Marian Bantjes (commissioned by Michael Beirut of Pentagram). Marian's got lots more pics up on her site, be sure and check them out!

20x200 is

large editions + low prices x the internet = art for everyone! I finally got caught up with email this weekend and was very happy to find an email announcing that 20x200 is up and running. I'm all about affordable art for all! Look for new on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 20x200 site and blog.
I just might have to pick up Kate Bingaman-Burt's I Bought All of These. Kate is actually having a show over at Jen Beckman, opening on September 21st. p.s. Kate's also a great blogger! Be sure and visit Crap Detector and Obsessive Consumption.

September 10, 2007

Creative Interiors :: Coloring book for adults

In my opinion, one can never outgrow coloring! (via swissmiss)

September 04, 2007

Twinkle Living :: Milan Rug

What's not to love about this rug? (link via brownsugar design)

Shelf Shelf

Clever! (via modern-roost)


Saying hello before I even had a chance to say "I'm off!" for the long weekend. We had a last minute trip out of town to the lovely, lovely Charleston. . .where I think I died and went to architecture heaven. Anyways, lots of catching up around the blog-world as I went cold-turkey in the internet for the weekend ;)