August 16, 2007

So sorry!

Simple and beautiful "i'm sorry" card from bread+butter. I've always been fond of blind embossing and I think it's particularly fitting for the occasion you have to apologize. Be sure to check out the rest of bread+butter's blind embossed cards series right here.

My apologies for lack of blog posts as of late! Lots of new work and "real" life has kept me rather busy. . .but I'm not complaining cause that means the bills are being paid ;)


girl meets glamour said...

I like it, no fluff and straight to the point :)


kapcity said...

wow! I found your blog today via poppytalk. I LOVE IT!! everything I'm interested in..typography especially.
I will be checking back often..congrats no a fab. blog!


Leigh said...

I love blind embossing too! So simple but with great texture. It's really also easy to make cards like this at home too with a stencil and a little tool used just for blind embossing. Michael's and places like that would have the right tools.

Christopher de Beer said...

flip those are cool, love the embossing :)

Joanna Goddard said...

oh this is so pretty. seems very straightforward and genuine. i always think it's funny when apology cards are too lighthearted; this is perfect. thanks for the post!