July 01, 2007

Red Hot and Green

Although it was a re-run, tonight I watched for the first time Red Hot and Green (making your home eco-friendly without sacrificing style) on HGTV. I really liked how they didn't just replace everything with a bunch of new products, but focused a lot on reuse. . .like the tutorial on reglazing old plates in the previous post. There aren't a lot of great pictures of the finished house on the website, but below is one of the redone bedroom. Hopefully there'll be another re-run if you missed it!

And did you know that Danny Seo has a blog? Well, he does! And it's chock-full of great green tips and peeks into how Danny practices what he preaches. I know that green is "so hot" right now, but wouldn't it be great if green just became the norm instead of a trend?

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minxlj said...

beautiful bedroom!! I haven't seen the series but we have a series here called Grand Designs that often shows eco-friendly homes and how they go about them. You're right though, emphasising on re-use is a big part of it