July 30, 2007


Interesting tutorial on Instructables on a diy screen printing machine, the Faux-co (a la Gocco) that uses the Photo EZ Screens.

July 25, 2007

The Artcreations :: Vintage Enamel Numbers

Love these vintage enamel numbers (available right here).

Lobi :: Mugs

Fun mugs from Lobi on Etsy {also from Chicago!}.

Octopus are popping up everywhere and I like Lobi's take on this trend:

Make Mine Tea mug (for some reason, this makes me think "Arrgh, matey, make mine tea!" which is why I like it!)

Bookish mug

Circa Ceramics :: Lines

Lovin' the lines! Cup, lo bowl and small dish from {one of my favorites} Circa Ceramics {of Chicago!}.

Interrobang :: Mod Lines

Digging this Mod Lines {freehand illustration, hand-pulled screenprint} fabric from Interrobang on Etsy.

Simply Green :: Belt Box

Great how-to from Danny Seo on making a belt box for $6 instead of buying a $900 one at Hermes. I could see a whole shelf of these in all different sizes and colors {or all black and white, naturally}. . .time for a Goodwill run!

A few great stops. . .

+Yes, Kim, it has been awhile since a black and white fix over at desire to inspire.

+Tiramasu ice cream. 'Nuff said. (via)

1. Drop a bag of tea on an index card
2. Allow to dry
3. Finish drawing
4. Scan and share on Flickr
4. Drink tea
(via drawn)

+How walkable is your neighborhood? (via notcot)

Danny Seo and Method! (via)

+DSType {including the lovely Estilo} for 50% off at TheTypeTrust

July 24, 2007


I've never liked ginormous TVs being the main focus of rooms, but this right up my alley. (via small space style)

Tank Books

While I'm not a smoker, I have always liked the little flip-top cigarette boxes. These Tank Books would definitely be my addiction! (via notcot)

July 23, 2007

Williams-Sonoma :: French Fry holder

Fun ceramic french fry and ketchup holder from Williams-Sonoma with a vintage French newsprint design. Although, I would have gone the route of a vintage British newsprint as first thing that came to my mind was fish and chips and can't say I ever craved fries/chips while in France. . .but still, love the concept! (via designers block)

July 20, 2007

Rae Dunn :: Birdhouses

I'm sure you've seen the lovely work of Rae Dunn around. . .I really like how she uses a bit of type (of course) here and there At just $75 for all 3 over at delight.com, these birdhouses would make a great gift, as in "one for you, two for me"! (via poppytalk)

Jenny Holtzer + Twitter

Conceptual artist Jenny Holtzer + twitter. Art imitates life? (via design observer)

July 17, 2007

Busy bee

I've been a bit busy trying to stay caught up on "real" work the past couple of days, so it's been a little quiet on the BWB blog front. One thing I've finally got around to doing is a bunch of covered pencils to send in to Coudal's Swap Meat. They kept moving the deadline, so like any good designer, I kept procrastinating. . .but at last, these will be in the mail to the Windy City by tomorrow.

These are Forest Choice pencils (chosen per a great review on Pencil Revolution) covered with pages out of an old typewriting textbook.

Holga + 35mm film

It's definitely time for me to dust off my Holga and give this mod a try!

(chihuahua cha cha by heather, link and image via resist today)

July 15, 2007

Type love :: Estilo

Typographica posted a fantastic round-up of their favorite fonts for 2006. My favorite from their list is this beauty, Estilo from DSType Foundry:

July 10, 2007

CB2 :: Fall '07

In addition to the Verse rug, I also wouldn't mind having a set of these Zebra Chairs, Marimekko Ro wallhanging. . .

and Suvetar bed linens.

CB2 :: Verse Rug

ATNY posted a rave review today for CB2's Chet Sofa but honestly, the first thing I drawn to in this picture was not the sofa. . .

But the rug!

I couldn't describe the lovely Verse rug better than the CB2 folks themselves: Words can't begin to describe the visual knockout of this abstract floor script, but we'll certainly try. Ink black esoteric prose scrawls oversized in contrast on ivory. Soft primo 100% bikaner wool is hand-tufted, then bound by hand on each side for extra durability. I'll take two!

July 09, 2007

Timothy Adams :: Vintage Camera Necklace

What I love the most about this vintage camera necklace is that you can peer through the hole in the middle of the camera! What can I say, I'm easily entertained. Check out more cool metalwork of Timothy Adams right here.

remake :: Silkscreened Labels

Beautiful silkscreened labels by remake on Etsy.

a. favorite :: letterpress cards

Lovely letterpress card for my fellow typeaholics out there from a. favorite design on Etsy {who happens to hail from my former hometown Chicago, yay!}.

Christoper Jagmin :: Number Series Plates

I don't believe one can ever have enough plates with type on them. These beauties are made of porcelain by Christopher Jagmin. (via d*s on h&g)

Traveler's Phrasebook Tee

Although I'm not sure how I feel about pointing at my chest to strangers, this traveler's phrasebook tee is a great concept. . .point a finger at the pictogram you need and then point it twice at the question mark, which means, "Where is it?" (via bb-blog)

July 06, 2007

Veer's Type City

Veer's Type City is a pretty fun way to explore the "typographic landscape." Enjoy!

July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays because of the 4 f's: family, food, friends and fireworks. And speaking of fireworks, Apartment Therapy Chicago posted a great link on Hot to Photograph Fireworks, so hopefully I can get some good pics tonight. Happy 4th of July! (photo by asmundur via Digital Photography School)

July 01, 2007

Type Patio

Love slate, love type, LOVE this patio! Seriously, I'm totally smitten with this patio. Yes, I am a typoholic. (via poppytalk)

Red Hot and Green

Although it was a re-run, tonight I watched for the first time Red Hot and Green (making your home eco-friendly without sacrificing style) on HGTV. I really liked how they didn't just replace everything with a bunch of new products, but focused a lot on reuse. . .like the tutorial on reglazing old plates in the previous post. There aren't a lot of great pictures of the finished house on the website, but below is one of the redone bedroom. Hopefully there'll be another re-run if you missed it!

And did you know that Danny Seo has a blog? Well, he does! And it's chock-full of great green tips and peeks into how Danny practices what he preaches. I know that green is "so hot" right now, but wouldn't it be great if green just became the norm instead of a trend?

How to :: Reglaze Silhouette Plates

A great tutorial (seen on tonight's episode of Red Hot and Green) on how to reglaze old plates into works of art. . .I think a trip to the local thrift store is in my near future!