June 06, 2007

New blog: Small Space Style

Anna over at Absolutely Beautiful Things had a link to a great new blog, Small Space Style. I much prefer small, cozy spaces and places (like this, this, this and this). Here's a sampling of a few wonderful finds by Small Space Style:

I would look forward to laundry day here!

Shelves galore are essential to maximizing a small space.

Small is good. . .except when it comes to computer screens!


J Lee said...

great blog!!

i've always wanted my own laundry room and the first photo is a perfect example of one ;)


Anonymous said...

Great! I've just checked out that blog and must keep some of those tips in mind for when I eventually buy what will probably be a Very Small Apartment. I like the idea of the mirrors to enlarge the space. And galley-style picture hanging, just about everywhere.


Chi Le (aka Peppa) said...

I love small spaces too. It makes a much cozier space. Simple black and white is also very appropriate for small spaces.

Anna said...

Thanks for the link!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for your blog about my blog, and I'm would like to thank Anna again too! Such nice people in the blog world! I love your blog too! Take Care!