June 29, 2007

Lucky me!

This arrived today! And although it looks amazing online, it is even more so in person (and certainly more so than this picture). I was also expecting that it might be a tad bit flimsy, but this sucker is sturdy AND beautiful. Now, if only my bike would hurry up and be un-backordered.

Also, my PG-10 Super arrived the other day and I did my first prints tonight. I was too excited and impatient to do a good documentation of the process. . .and I figured there's plenty of those out there already ;) I plan to take some better pics tomorrow with better light.

I also made a run out to an antique store near downtown that has great books for a dollar (ONE dollar) or less. There were a couple vintage travel books with these gorgeous maps that I just couldn't pass up for a buck. I'll get better shots up on my {much neglected} Flickr one of these days.

Well, my week has certainly ended much better than it started out and I hope you've had a good one, too!


michelle said...

OMG, drooling over here, I love old maps, and those are just beautiful, nice basket too, I would totally have on on my bike if I a. had a bike and b. could ride a bike...sigh.

becky said...

Me too! I'm a total map geek; I have them framed all over my house. that red one is amazing! I'm totally jealous!