June 13, 2007

A few great stops. . .

+You can now search the entire archive of ReadyMade mag projects online. Yes, you heard me right. . .Entire. Archive. Online.

+I love me some swaps and paperbackswap.com is pure genius! It's much more rewarding than {never} selling something on Amazon for $0.50.

+I just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (family of 4--including a teenager--decide to spend one year eating only locally grown food; also check out the website) and highly recommend it (as does TreeHugger) if you're into that kind of a thing like I am. . .I consider it part of my prep course for moving to Sky.

+The wrong site to be looking at 11:30 pm, but Green Tea Cheesecake White Chocolate Brownie is definitely going my 'must try' file.

+This personality test was pretty fun to take and pretty accurate. (via sk-rt)

+Absolutely amazing stop motion video made with dice. . .oh yeah, and a pretty great song, too.
(via The Skinny)

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Abby said...

Thanks for the links. I love green tea flavored anything. I make green tea ice cream every summer. It is so refreshing.