June 19, 2007

Birthday Loot

It's always a little funny to my age and still receive birthday checks in the mail, but hey, it's rude to refuse a gift, right? I'll admit, I had a great time spending my birthday loot on. . .

+This basket (which I got on eBay from shopmoco):

To go with this bike (which sadly is backordered):

+earBuddy case so my earbuds don't get lost in my purse

+And the pièce de résistance (this one was b-day loot plus a little extra I've been saving up for this very thing):


Another Shade of Grey said...

That bike is awesome!

midcenturyjo said...

And all the gocco goodies. Lucky you!

girl meets glamour said...

Love the bike and the basket is sooo cute, I will have to check that site out :)