June 30, 2007

Livin la Vida Pequeno

Now this is living teeny-tiny! Industrial designer Dirk Dieter's Pacifica, CA home is just 250 square feet, but I love how he still has a garage and a garden {which is more that we've got going on in our mansion-size-in-comparison 1300 sqft. condo}! He got compact living so well that he started a "streamlined living" furniture business on the side. (via Core77)

June 29, 2007

The Little Friends of Printmaking :: Happy Tear print

Wow is that pink! Despite it, still love this Happy Tear print (available at the LFOP shop on Etsy) by The Little Friends of Printmaking, a husband-and-wife team out of Miwaukee, WI. Also check out their site and blog for more info.

Lucky me!

This arrived today! And although it looks amazing online, it is even more so in person (and certainly more so than this picture). I was also expecting that it might be a tad bit flimsy, but this sucker is sturdy AND beautiful. Now, if only my bike would hurry up and be un-backordered.

Also, my PG-10 Super arrived the other day and I did my first prints tonight. I was too excited and impatient to do a good documentation of the process. . .and I figured there's plenty of those out there already ;) I plan to take some better pics tomorrow with better light.

I also made a run out to an antique store near downtown that has great books for a dollar (ONE dollar) or less. There were a couple vintage travel books with these gorgeous maps that I just couldn't pass up for a buck. I'll get better shots up on my {much neglected} Flickr one of these days.

Well, my week has certainly ended much better than it started out and I hope you've had a good one, too!

June 27, 2007

Field Music :: In Context video

One Sharpie + one line + one amazing illustrator + one great song= one wicked Field Music video. Reminds me of Picasso's"one-liners." (via swissmiss)

Mr. Jobs, inquiring minds really DO want to know

What's with the blue jeans and a black turtleneck? If Steven Heller couldn't get him to answer, I suspect we'll never know! (via design observer)

June 26, 2007

San Francisco Cushion

Fun hand-printed SF cushion!

typeHigh :: Hey Notecard

Hey! I know this is not black and white. . .but I love, love, love the decorative typeface on this letterpressed hey notecard by typeHigh. I'm usually a clean and simple kind of a gal when it comes to design, but lately I've really been into intricate traditional and period-style ornament. Earlier today I was flipping through a book of old Victorian house plans that had the most beautiful ornament which this reminds me of. . .I'll have to get some scanning going and hopefully post on that later.

June 25, 2007

Mean Cards

If like me, you're also having "a bad case of the Mondays," maybe one of these mean cards (also by Julianna Holowka) would hit the spot. Or person.

Josephine Lamp

I love {Josephine} Lamp by Etsy seller Julianna Holowka. (via design-milk)

June 22, 2007

New at Good Shape Design

Seeing Good Shape Design's Flock print at dooce and design*sponge reminded me to pop over to see what's new over at GSD. I love this Sgt. Pepper tee (below) as well as Looped, Z Ribbon and the Lines in Circles Mug (never enough mugs for me!):

Binary Marble Adding Machine

I only stop over at the Make blog every once in awhile cause all that electric wiring and such kind of scares me, but this thing handmade number crunching thingamajiggy (i mean binary marble adding machine) they had posted today is pretty amazing (and made of wood, so not as scary). . .and it's fun watching the marbles drop, kinda like Plinko. I like that he notes it is only limited to 6-bits. Good-looking AND smart is my kind of a thing.

Yasha Butler Ceremics on Etsy

Beautiful ceramics by yasha butler. . .I love how this one is named extrovert:

this one is introvert:

(link via design*sponge)

June 20, 2007

Gocco! At Paper-Source!

I'm very excited to read that Gocco supplies will be available via Paper-Source! (via craftzine)

Harjuki :: Swimwear

Just in time for summer, JoEllen of Harajuku sent over her adorable line of handmade swimwear:
Here's where you can find all the black and white suits, but also lots of lovely colors and patterns available at harajukuswimwear.com and on Harajuku on Etsy. Thanks, JoEllen!

Take a peek!

Design*Sponge's sneak peeks (inspiring photos of interiors of designer's homes) now have a home of their own. Also, be sure to check out the latest ask a designer with mav of port2port press and this gorgeous chair redo (using and old chair AND and old set of curtains) over at todd oldham studio blog. Always such great finds over at D*S!

One time, at TypeCamp. . .

I didn't even know TypeCamp existed. . ."who wouldn’t want to spend 5 nights on an island while talking about and working with type" with Marian Bantjes as one of your counselors? My question, exactly! (via quipsologies)

June 19, 2007

Birthday Loot

It's always a little funny to my age and still receive birthday checks in the mail, but hey, it's rude to refuse a gift, right? I'll admit, I had a great time spending my birthday loot on. . .

+This basket (which I got on eBay from shopmoco):

To go with this bike (which sadly is backordered):

+earBuddy case so my earbuds don't get lost in my purse

+And the pièce de résistance (this one was b-day loot plus a little extra I've been saving up for this very thing):

I am alive :: 'we are so good together' poster

I'm on a color binge tonight ;) And am crossing my fingers that this will indeed be reprinted when I Am Still Alive's online store relaunches: (image from iamalive.net, link via atsf)

Perfect for a spot on our blank bedroom walls, don't you think? And yes, I do realize our room needs a lot more help than just some pics on the walls. . .we're working on it!


Irene over at Bloesem had a post about the absolutely gorgeous work of so*sage:

I love the mix of papers, colors and organic shapes. . .even though it's all in color, it's still right up my alley! Their blog is mostly in French, which I don't speak a lick of, but is still an inspiring stop. And also be sure to stop by so*sage on Etsy.

Cursive Design

Unique jewelry from Cursive Design that uses lace in such an unexpected and beautiful way. (link via bluelines)

June 15, 2007

Gregory Calendar - Draw it yourself!

I know this calendar is aimed at kiddos, but I seriously would like one for myself. Draw a line every day and at the end of the month you have an illustration. What can I say, I'm easily amused! (link via swissmiss)

If you liked Zoolander. . .

You'll love designer slash model. (via)

"Sometimes I wonder, is my work beautiful because I'm beautiful? Or am I beautiful because my work is beautiful? It's probably little bit of both."

Pantone Phone!

A Pantone Phone to go with a Pantone Mug! However, I am a little bummed that they didn't name the color by the actual PMS numbers. . .when you say 'red,' is that like 200 or more like 193?(via design-milk)

June 13, 2007

A few great stops. . .

+You can now search the entire archive of ReadyMade mag projects online. Yes, you heard me right. . .Entire. Archive. Online.

+I love me some swaps and paperbackswap.com is pure genius! It's much more rewarding than {never} selling something on Amazon for $0.50.

+I just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (family of 4--including a teenager--decide to spend one year eating only locally grown food; also check out the website) and highly recommend it (as does TreeHugger) if you're into that kind of a thing like I am. . .I consider it part of my prep course for moving to Sky.

+The wrong site to be looking at 11:30 pm, but Green Tea Cheesecake White Chocolate Brownie is definitely going my 'must try' file.

+This personality test was pretty fun to take and pretty accurate. (via sk-rt)

+Absolutely amazing stop motion video made with dice. . .oh yeah, and a pretty great song, too.
(via The Skinny)

June 12, 2007

Aunty Cookie: Cranes Fabric

Oh where, oh where can I use this lovely limited-edition hand screen printed Cranes fabric from AuntyCookie on Etsy? P.S. It also comes in red and turquoise.

June 08, 2007

Accessory a la Mode: Spread Your Wings Necklace

Custom hand-stamped jewelry and accessories from Accessory a la Mode on Etsy would make a lovely gift for bridesmaids, weddings, new moms (and dads, too), graduations, you name it!

And as it is that time of the year and we're off for a long weekend to celebrate my sister's {which I always like to say " technically my sister-in-law, but who needs to use longer words that necessary"} college graduation, so wishing you all a wonderful weekend and see you next week!

Minna Rundberg available online

Remember the lovely work of Minna Rundberg? Thank you to 'anonymous' poster out there who shared a link to where you can purchase her work online at aktuella. The site is thankfully in English, which I now stand correct that this is actually a tray table and not a tiered plate rack and plates. . .even better!

Kristin Mays: Wire Art Numbers

I'm a sucker for {almost} anything with type and I'm loving these wire numbers from Kristin Mays on Etsy. Besides looking pretty fabulous on a wall, at only about 4"x6", these would make really cute hang-tags on a gift.

And speaking of gifts. . .a little belated announcement that yesterday was my {take a wild guess at what} birthday =)

Photographer: William Abranowicz

Apartment Therapy NY had a post on the beautiful work of photographer William Abranowicz. . .all I can say is wow and I think I need to visit Greece! (photo from www.williamabranowicz.com)

June 06, 2007

New blog: Small Space Style

Anna over at Absolutely Beautiful Things had a link to a great new blog, Small Space Style. I much prefer small, cozy spaces and places (like this, this, this and this). Here's a sampling of a few wonderful finds by Small Space Style:

I would look forward to laundry day here!

Shelves galore are essential to maximizing a small space.

Small is good. . .except when it comes to computer screens!

Pack of Dogs

It's definitely dogs over cats for me. . .love these Pack of Dogs side table, stool, bench, bookshelf, magazine rack, newspaper holder, bookends, or whatever (from the same folks that brought you Fill in the Cat)! (link via the style files)

The Summer of SwapMeat

Coudal decided to extend the SwapMeat through the whole summer. . .of course they did, who doesn't like getting mail and free stuff. Check out their ever growing list of items or even get your own copy of some of the cool stuff that's been sent it.

On second thought. . .

Honestly, once I saw a bit of the supporting campaign, call me crazy but the London 2012 logo IS growing on me. . .although I don't have epilepsy. Anyways, if you think I'm crazy, here's ten reasons from some folks that are in the minority, but who've got that walk to support the talk. Whatever your opinion, it's definitely getting some great buzz about the Olympics going. . .and that just might be the genius of it all. (links via)

June 05, 2007

Envirosax: Graphic Series Pouches

I think my search for reusable grocery bags is over. . .5 of these way cute bags in their own carrying case for only $35 right here. (link via)


This super-glam chain-inspired jewelry is made with recycled paper beads, I would have never guessed! Thanks for sharing, Ayanna!


I've seen this posted on a several blogs and it's a new stop on the web that's got me clicking all over the place! Think Digg for girls, created by the skirts for the skirts.

June 04, 2007

London 2012 Logo Unveiled

I really try to be a positive person in general and I usually don't do negative posts, but hmmm. . .maybe this will look cool in the year 2012? Cause right now I'm not so into it. . .although, who knew that high-waisted pants and Ray Bans would be "in" again. I'm hoping that Brand New will have a review on it very soon. . .

June 03, 2007

Rollout Custom Wallpaper

I really like concept of this wallpaper (Words Spoken Quieter than Actions by Chloe Perron). . .reminds me of Graham & Woods Frames wallpaper. (link via design-milk)

Pantone Mugs!

Being the graphic design nerd that I am, of course I want one of these mugs. Also, be sure check out Fishs Eddy's collection {which lucky me got to stop in at their brick-and-mortar when I was in NYC!}. (link via bloesem and atsf)