May 03, 2007

Well-worth the wait!

The May issue of Coastal Living featured this 15-years in-the-making and beautifully renovated home in the little town of Lakeside, Michigan "just down the road" from where we used to live in St. Joseph. I don't even know where to begin. . .

Elegant daybed and the chandelier:

Love how the jam-packed bookshelf goes right up to the ceiling.

I'm speechless on this one.

This is a scan from the mag, but I'm sure the magazine doesn't even do this view justice. Imagine the sunsets right from your bed! It's hard to tell from this scan, but to the right hand side, it looks like an old park bench stacked with loads of books.

(images from Coastal Living)

As I read on, the owners of this gorgeous home are also the owners of Lovell & Whyte, one of my favorite home stores. Think of it as "Lakeside’s answer to Restoration Hardware meets Crate and Barrel," but so much better!

(images from tinyhouses)

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minxlj said...

Beautiful - I LOVE the daybed and chandelier, so stunning!! And I might just have to steal the bookcase-across-doorway idea :-)