May 03, 2007

Philippe Starck: White Interiors

Beautiful white interiors by Philippe Starck posted over on the style files. I love the pop of color from the books and I also really like having the bookshelf in the dining area. . .but I still can't decided if I love the room or it's just way too sterile.


minxlj said...

I love the furniture and fittings there, the colour from the books is just great but I think the room just needs a teeny bit more colour. Maybe a small rug, picture frames, some cushions (pillows)?

I think what makes it a little sterile is that you can see into one/two other rooms there, also harsh white. Some colour peeking in from there would set this room off perfectly. White is lovely, but too much is just alien.

Jennifer Ramos said...

i love most things by Phillipe Stark, i have two of his lamps here at home, they are beauties!

chloe said...

I love Philippe Starck. He is an incredible designer. Have a look at my blog: It's all about Philippe Starck and his wonderful designs!