May 01, 2007

My office, next, please!

I am much overdue to get my office/guest bedroom put together. . .I'd post a pic, but any old blank wall would suffice in detailing it's current state. The sweet "new," eco-friendly office over at dooce, put together by Organic Interior Design, has really got me wanting to get my office into shape! I am in love with these yellow and black chairs. Chuck, you're pretty cute, too. I also really like the pics going all the way up to the ceiling, filling the entire wall. (images from

And somewhat on topic, I also stumbled upon a new Flickr group, The Interior Life of Designers, that looks like another good place for interior inspiration.


Kristi said...

I was checking out there site, their new home looks great and Chuck looks so proper in that chair.

Jessie said...

I LOVE THE CHAIRS TOO!!! Very neat. The placement of the photos is cool too!!

AJ said...

Chuck is one cute dog...and that reminds me, I need to print more pics and get them framed.

BTW I'm the moderator for the Interior Life of Designers flickr group you mentioned, we just had someone join who found out about it through your blog - thanks for the link!

JHAYNE said...

thanks, AJ! it's one of my new favorite stops on flickr!