May 31, 2007

Mel Robson on Etsy!

The beautiful work of Mel Robson is now available on Etsy! She's only selling a limited line of her work on Etsy, but they are still just as lovely. Her blog is a must visit for much more examples of her work. I'm wishing that she would be willing to part with these "little uns". . .

Quote/Unquote Bookends

A couple months back I thought it'd be awesome to have quotes as bookends, I think I even have an entire page in my little Moleskine with sketches of this idea. . .and here they are {unfortunately not designed by me}: (image from, link via)

A few great stops. . .

+F#!% Frank Gehry (via)

+I want to "housesit an old 13th Century monastery in the Oxdforshire countryside and tinker around in their big old barn which houses a letterpress workshop." (via)

+Another great video on letterpress basics

+If Eric Nevin's Love Letters to the Sub-Anartic Islands don't put a smile on your face. . .

+First notcot, then TasteSpotting. . .now notcouture!

I am alive!

Whoa! Well, "next week" turned into "the week after next week" and now "a week after again". . .in short, we had an amazing trip to NYC and Philly. I've yet to even download the hundreds of photos from our trip, but slowly and surely I'll post some to my Flickr. This is a pretty busy time with weddings, graduations, weekend trips, etc. but I'm hoping to be back to my regular posting schedule. See you very soo!

May 13, 2007

Hello, NYC!

And we're off to NYC! Thanks to everyone for your great recommendations. . .we're only here a few days and I hope to have them jam packed with many of the items on these lists.

On a somewhat related note, if you're a Bank of America customer, May is for Museums on Us. All you do is show your card and you get into 95 muesums across the country fore FREE! How cool is that!

I might be able to post here in there, but I'll be back to more regular posting next week.

Bierut On Typography

Michael Bierut is no longer typographically promicuous. . .a fantastic article over on DesignObserver on 13 reasons to choose a typeface.

May 10, 2007

Tables have turned

You might recall that a few weeks back, I was invited to participate as a reviewer in a portfolio review. . .and now the tables have turned and it's me in the "hot seat"! I decided to sign up for a portfolio review sponsored by the local AIGA chapter. I whipped out the old portfolio case I made out of masonite boards. I'll be sure to post better pics on my Flickr and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

May 08, 2007

Argington: Ufuzzi Bunk

Although Grace over Design*Sponge would like to see Argington's new bunk in some warmer colors, I LOVE it just as is! (image from coochicoos)

May 06, 2007

Garbage with glamour?

As much as I'm drawn to the look of these garbage bags from Two's Company's Home Chic Home collection, honestly, the idea of using them for everyday garbage--well, any garbage, for that matter--I just can't quite get into; seems like a bit of a waste (pun intended). But, apparently I'm in the minority as they're currently sold out. (via)

May 04, 2007


We had family visiting for the weekend and they brought a surprise visitor who we were not at all expecting. . .sister! Well, technically my sister-in-law, but who needs to use longer words that necessary. Anyways, I'll be back next week with more posts!

May 03, 2007


Small is big these days and is one of my newest favorite finds. Lots and lots of great pictures of some seriously small but smart homes.

Well-worth the wait!

The May issue of Coastal Living featured this 15-years in-the-making and beautifully renovated home in the little town of Lakeside, Michigan "just down the road" from where we used to live in St. Joseph. I don't even know where to begin. . .

Elegant daybed and the chandelier:

Love how the jam-packed bookshelf goes right up to the ceiling.

I'm speechless on this one.

This is a scan from the mag, but I'm sure the magazine doesn't even do this view justice. Imagine the sunsets right from your bed! It's hard to tell from this scan, but to the right hand side, it looks like an old park bench stacked with loads of books.

(images from Coastal Living)

As I read on, the owners of this gorgeous home are also the owners of Lovell & Whyte, one of my favorite home stores. Think of it as "Lakeside’s answer to Restoration Hardware meets Crate and Barrel," but so much better!

(images from tinyhouses)

Philippe Starck: White Interiors

Beautiful white interiors by Philippe Starck posted over on the style files. I love the pop of color from the books and I also really like having the bookshelf in the dining area. . .but I still can't decided if I love the room or it's just way too sterile.

A few great {sort of} tech-related links. . .

+Make your own mini-portfolio (via how about orange)

+A step towards a Greener Apple

+Typewriter turned waffle-maker (via notcot)

+Hello, from the Blogipeligo! (via notcot)

+101 ways to improve your shot (via swissmiss)

May 02, 2007

You like?

I'm still working out the kinks. . .but I've done enough tooling around on the blog layout for today! It's really hard for me to walk away from this and not have it just as I want it, but maybe it's a good lesson to learn--the world will keep on turning if my blog is not quite perfectly designed. Who knows, by tomorrow I might just click 'revert to old template,' but what do you think so far?

{Pardon the dust}

I'm playing around with my template a little bit this morning and maybe even trying out a new header. . .so pardon the dust!

May 01, 2007

My office, next, please!

I am much overdue to get my office/guest bedroom put together. . .I'd post a pic, but any old blank wall would suffice in detailing it's current state. The sweet "new," eco-friendly office over at dooce, put together by Organic Interior Design, has really got me wanting to get my office into shape! I am in love with these yellow and black chairs. Chuck, you're pretty cute, too. I also really like the pics going all the way up to the ceiling, filling the entire wall. (images from

And somewhat on topic, I also stumbled upon a new Flickr group, The Interior Life of Designers, that looks like another good place for interior inspiration.

Carpark North: Human Video

Mesmorizing. . .and pretty cool that they're all wearing black and/or white. Check out the original video here. . .but I'm really digging the "concert version": (via)