April 04, 2007

St. Augustine

Last Saturday, we decided to do some exploring and took a day trip to St. Augustine. Despite it being on the touristy side and having a bit of a spring break crowd, we still had a wonderful day wandering the narrow, cobbled streets of the "old city" with it's quaint Floridian houses and beautifully worn buildings. A couple of places I would highly recommend you visit if you're ever in St. Augustine:

+Bouvier Maps & Prints: They're located a little bit off the beaten path, {I think} down by the Oldest House but worth it with their amazing collection of antique maps and prints. We must have spent at least an hour browsing in this tiny store that is jam packed with treasures. (image from Bouvier Maps & Prints)

+Crucial Coffee: Ironically, we had smoothies. . .which were absolutely amazing, 100% fruit, no sugar added. And how can you not stop and have a drink at this place?

+Love Tree Cafe: It didn't make into the picture below, but story behind this place is there's a palm tree that's grown and fused together with an oak tree and if you kiss underneath it, your love will last for ever. . .and, of course we did, just to be safe ;) It's actually an antique store/cafe/base for tours. We had a late lunch there which was absolutely delicious.

Anyways, I put a few pics up on {very neglected} Flickr of my St. Augustine signage finds.

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