April 19, 2007

Portfolio Reviews

I've been invited to do a portfolio review and interview at a local college this evening and I'm pretty excited to see what "kids these days" are up to. I was planning to do a post asking for some good not-so-common interview questions for these budding designers, but my week turned out to be crazy hectic and I completely forgot! I be sure to report on how things went.

It seems like just yesterday I was their side of the table, nervously showing my small portfolio that consisted mainly made-up clients for class projects. Slowly, but surely, my collection of work grew and I became more and more confident that "Yeah, I know what I'm doing. . .and yeah, you want to hire ME!" By no means am I years and years of experience beyond these students I'll meet tonight and to be honest, I am a tad bit nervous to be on the other side of the table. . .but mostly excited to see what's in store for the future of design. Well, I'm off to make sure I have directions and can beat traffic!

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