April 18, 2007

NYC Recommendations Please!

Josef Frank fabric: Manhattan, image from justscandinavian.com

Paris, check. London, check. Barcelona, check. Florence, Venice, Rome, check, check, check. Sin City, Windy City, San Fran, Hell-ay, Beantown and the Big Easy, been there, done that. . .just to name a few.

New York City, however, never been. Seriously, never been. And neither has the husband!

So I am excited to announce that will soon be checking Gotham City off our "to do" list as last night we bought plane tickets to spend four days in New York before heading out to a conference in Philadelphia (also, never been).

We're hoping to stay in Manhattan, maybe an short-term apartment rental or small inn/B&B. . .we much prefer staying a places like that, living like locals instead in national chain. Ok, yes, and they tend to be more affordable (and this is definitely a trip on a budget), but who says you have to spend to travel in style? I think we'll mostly be exploring Manhattan, but hopefully at least take a day to check out a few places in Brooklyn.

Got a favorite coffee shop? Best place for dim sum? Which is your favorite neighborhood? I'd love to hear your tips on hidden NYC (or Philly) gems of places to eat, stay, shop and must see. Leave a comment here or drop me email.

P.S. I saw a Josef Frank Manhattan plate featured in the latest House & Garden but haven't been able to find it online. If you've seen it, send me a link! Thanks to Katy at H&G for the link to the beautiful Josef Frank Manhattan Tray! Lots more links to check out in her comment.


Anonymous said...

i typed a great paragraph and then my internet crashed: to sum up...

great French place on the corner of Lexington and 60th (or 59th). Two doors down is a great Italian place (not the Pizza place in between the two. not that it is bad, i just didn't eat there).
Shopping is great around there on Lexington, and of course Madison Ave. Must see MoMA, can walk to Met MA, Natural History museum. Times Square is great at night.

Kathleen said...

I moved from NY about 3 years ago, and one of my fav afterwork dinner/drinks spots was Mary Ann's—there are a few locations throughout Manhattan. Great, (and cheap,) Mexican food and margaritas.

Mayrose on 21st & Broadway is wonderful for lunch (go early or late though—crowded,) and be sure to stop in at City Bakery-18th between 5th & 6th–they make this little creme brulee thing that is to die for, and their baker's muffins are great for breakfast!)

As for sights to see, if you've never been to the Met Museum, then that is a definite must see. Wear comfortable shoes, and eat before you go (cafeteria overpriced and not amazing.) A few blocks uptown the Guggenheim is also wonderful—no matter the exhibition-just walk into the lobby. Incredible space.

Have a great trip!

casapinka said...

I stayed in an apartment in Chelsea and would do it again in a heartbeat - it was fab. The owner left umbrellas, told us where to get the best food, beer, Chinese food, Malaysian food, etc. etc. LOVED it.

Jennifer Ramos said...

yaffa cafe is a small dive in the east village but the food is pretty tasty. I think its open all night too. Its been awhile but i remember it was great. ALSO, TRY Tournesol its in Long Island city , just one stop from 42nd grand central. So very easy to get to its right outside the train station too. Its great! Info here:


Have fun.


Michael Surtees said...

I have a friend that's going to watch my apartment in NYC next week as I'm going to be out of town. I made this google map last night of places in Manhattan that she might want to check out. If you're curious, the url is http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?f=q&layer=&ie=UTF8&om=1&hl=en&z=13&msid=114732885945520802424.00000111f71912a7c0a99&msa=0

JHAYNE said...

these are fantastic! thanks and keep 'em coming ;)

michael, thanks especially for the map, i had no idea you could do that in google maps!

Katy said...

The tray your craving has to be ordered by calling Just Scandinavian. They currently don't have the tray online. 212-334-2556


If you all want to see the tray in all it's glory. Check out the link below.


Also, check out this site from a Stockholm story we did in March.
Click below for city guide to Stockholm.


Click here for a great site to find trays and more yummy Josef Frank stuff.


Look under Josef Frank. Flash website.


Katy from houseandgarden.com