April 12, 2007

Get Crafty

I've finally had a little, or more like tiny, break in freelance work and I spent a little time yesterday afternoon away from the computer to get some craft on. I loved this post about customizing plain pencils on Craft's blog a couple weeks back and have been wanting to try it out. It is ridiculously quick and easy to do. All you need is some paper of your choosing (I went with the latest Anthropologie Home catalog), scissors and some Mod Podge. . .and voila! No more boring #2's! I also decided to spice up some Moleskine Cahiers I had laying around. . .just cut out and slap on with some Mod Podge.

I also have a tons of these vinyl, Helvetica stickers that I picked up awhile back. They're normally used for garage sale signs and things like that. Anyways, tried them on the Cahiers. . .I liked how the numbers have a bit of sheen as compared to the matte cover stock.

Anyways, it was really great to take a little bit of a break from the computer!

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Another Shade of Grey said...

Those look great. I wish I had some Mod Podge on hand and I'd try it! Would Elmer's work? Or Spray Adhesive? I just love those pencils!