April 27, 2007

"Green is the new Black. . .and White"

Can you believe I have yet to do a post on White House | Black Market? It is one of my favorite stops for the perfect little black dress. Anyways, their latest catalog features gorgeous handwritten typography and cover design with a fantastic quote from Gandhi that is going to make a great little framed piece of art for my office. It also introduces the company's efforts to be more eco-friendly and is filled with little tips on things we all can easily do. Though it probably would be better off if they stopped doing a printed catalog {and I stopped subscribing to receive it}, but at least they're making an effort. . .not only with this newest catalog printed on 30% post-consumer waste paper, but also to making improvements to their recycling programs in day-to-day operations. I haven't seen any info on their website as of yet, but hopefully this catalog is just the beginning!

Don't Drink and Design

Although extremely delicious and packed with protein, Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein Hazelnut Latte does NOT go well with a Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated. That stuff instantly sticks like glue! I'm hoping that PMS7436 - PMS7442 will not all of sudden be all the rage. It was rather painful separating all the pages {yes, sadly, there are many more like this}. . .like getting unmentionables waxed. And now I fully disclose my complete graphic designer nerdyness by having just made that comparison. It's Friday, I'm allowed =)

April 25, 2007

Shitdisco - "OK"

Pardon my French, but this video is the shit! (via dooce)


Love the "landscape of dining" inspired look of this china set from Topoware. I'll have to admit that more often than not, my plate will be filled to "very hungry"! (link via notcot, image from topoware.org)

Matthew Sporzynski featured in How Magazine

I finally had a change to page through the latest HOW and was happy to find a great article on Matthew Sporzynski. You might recognize his amazing paper constructions from Real Simple Magazine. . .they are half the reason I subscribed to the magazine in the first place. Pardon my post in color, but this is one of my favorites. I love the use of the maps and the clever use of colors; d0 you see the "fry" dipped in a bit of "ketchup"?. And I love the quote: "We call him 'FG' now because he's a freakin' genius." I'd definitely recommend picking up the latest HOW (there's also a great article on the Pentagram Papers) or Real Simple and checking out more of "FG's" work. (image scanned from 06/2007 HOW)

Peter Clark: Collages

I'm on a bit of a dog kick this week, but just had to share a link to the beautiful work of Peter Clark. (via)

April 24, 2007

Wall of circles

Love this wall of circles (via Elle Decor) posted over at another shade of grey:

Marian Bantjes: All Purpose Jeans

Quick! If your in LA, hurry up and head over to All Purpose to pick up your very own pair of limited edition jeans (only 30) featuring the beautiful work of Marian Bantjes. Find out more about the project here. These would look fantastic paired with a Creatives Care T-Shirt.

Keep up to date with Marian's work right here; I'm also blown away by her latest work for TypeCon, exploring isometrics. Wicked cool.

A few great stops. . .

around the blogosphere:

+Couples in Architecture (via)

+Holly from decor8 interviewed by Marisa at Creative Thursday

+freshly{blended} opens up shop on Etsy!

+Turn an old tee into styling tote (via)

+"Architects by profession, we're also ladies who lunch"

+Faythe Levine, Producer and Director of the film Handmade Nation, interviewed at CraftyPod

+I grew up on chicken adobo and yes, it is one of the best chicken dishes in the world

April 23, 2007

Affordable Art: 20x200

I'm all for affordable art! 20x200 is a simple concept: Prints in limited editions of 200, for $20 each, curated by Jen Bekman. Sign-up here to be the first to know when this new project launches. (via DesignObserver)

April 20, 2007

SpeakUp, you are hilarious!

If you've had a rough week like me. . .and are a design nerd like myself, I'm sure you will find these hilarious way to welcome the weekend:

+Make the Logo Bigger. . .the soundtrack of a designer's life.

+Body by {SpeakUp author} Jim Lasser


Picasso & Lump

2 years of art history and I had no idea Picasso had a dachshund named Lump! (via)

PS. The student reviews went really well last night. I had a lot of fun connecting with fellow creatives, other reviewers and students. One student in particular had a stellar porfolio idea. . .I've asked her to send me some pictures when she gets around to it and I'll be sure to post it here.

April 19, 2007

Portfolio Reviews

I've been invited to do a portfolio review and interview at a local college this evening and I'm pretty excited to see what "kids these days" are up to. I was planning to do a post asking for some good not-so-common interview questions for these budding designers, but my week turned out to be crazy hectic and I completely forgot! I be sure to report on how things went.

It seems like just yesterday I was their side of the table, nervously showing my small portfolio that consisted mainly made-up clients for class projects. Slowly, but surely, my collection of work grew and I became more and more confident that "Yeah, I know what I'm doing. . .and yeah, you want to hire ME!" By no means am I years and years of experience beyond these students I'll meet tonight and to be honest, I am a tad bit nervous to be on the other side of the table. . .but mostly excited to see what's in store for the future of design. Well, I'm off to make sure I have directions and can beat traffic!

April 18, 2007

NYC Recommendations Please!

Josef Frank fabric: Manhattan, image from justscandinavian.com

Paris, check. London, check. Barcelona, check. Florence, Venice, Rome, check, check, check. Sin City, Windy City, San Fran, Hell-ay, Beantown and the Big Easy, been there, done that. . .just to name a few.

New York City, however, never been. Seriously, never been. And neither has the husband!

So I am excited to announce that will soon be checking Gotham City off our "to do" list as last night we bought plane tickets to spend four days in New York before heading out to a conference in Philadelphia (also, never been).

We're hoping to stay in Manhattan, maybe an short-term apartment rental or small inn/B&B. . .we much prefer staying a places like that, living like locals instead in national chain. Ok, yes, and they tend to be more affordable (and this is definitely a trip on a budget), but who says you have to spend to travel in style? I think we'll mostly be exploring Manhattan, but hopefully at least take a day to check out a few places in Brooklyn.

Got a favorite coffee shop? Best place for dim sum? Which is your favorite neighborhood? I'd love to hear your tips on hidden NYC (or Philly) gems of places to eat, stay, shop and must see. Leave a comment here or drop me email.

P.S. I saw a Josef Frank Manhattan plate featured in the latest House & Garden but haven't been able to find it online. If you've seen it, send me a link! Thanks to Katy at H&G for the link to the beautiful Josef Frank Manhattan Tray! Lots more links to check out in her comment.

Jennifer Graham

Thanks to Shaun over at Made (out of Toronto, Canada) for sending these beautiful tray of cups by Jennifer Graham. I've did a quick Google search and couldn't come up with a link for Jennifer, so if any out there knows it/finds it, be sure and let me know!

Coe & Waito

Gorgeous porcelain pieces by Coe & Waito:

(link via Made and AT LA, image from coeandwaito.com)

Mini Homes

I've always loved smaller homes and the creative uses of space that occur just by necessity. Poppytalk had posted this great video that tours the inside of the solar powered, 325 sqft. miniHome:

I love the combo bookcase and stair. I'm amazed at how spacious the kitchen and dining area is. . .the convertible kitchen table is just awesome, looks like they can have a dinner party for 6! You can read the latest news about miniHome at their blog.

Small spaces seem to be featured everywhere these days and we've even talked about downsizing from our 1300 sqft., 2bd/2ba condo, which is starting to sound like a mansion. Anyways, a few more links on small abodes:

+I was at Barnes & Noble last night and spotted May 07's Dwell cover feature "Smaller is Smarter"

+I love seeing how real people in real places really live. . .tons of inspiration for how to live more compactly without loosing the cool factor can be found via the links at Apartment Therapy's Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest 2007.

+My personal favorite that's out there at the moment, the Katrina Cottage by Marianne Cusato.

April 16, 2007

Barguenos: Seville Desk

I love the simple lines and subtle color of this beautiful Seville desk from Barguenos--at least I'm pretty sure it's a desk and can't confirm as the website is in French. When I first saw the green version of this desk over at Designer's Block, I thought to myself "I'd really like that in shades of grey." As I perused their site, I happily found what I was dreaming of!

April 13, 2007

Minna Rundberg

Another Shade of Grey posted a link to the beautiful work of Minna Rundberg. I'd love to know where I could get this tiered plate rack and plates (the website's not in English):

April 12, 2007

Get Crafty

I've finally had a little, or more like tiny, break in freelance work and I spent a little time yesterday afternoon away from the computer to get some craft on. I loved this post about customizing plain pencils on Craft's blog a couple weeks back and have been wanting to try it out. It is ridiculously quick and easy to do. All you need is some paper of your choosing (I went with the latest Anthropologie Home catalog), scissors and some Mod Podge. . .and voila! No more boring #2's! I also decided to spice up some Moleskine Cahiers I had laying around. . .just cut out and slap on with some Mod Podge.

I also have a tons of these vinyl, Helvetica stickers that I picked up awhile back. They're normally used for garage sale signs and things like that. Anyways, tried them on the Cahiers. . .I liked how the numbers have a bit of sheen as compared to the matte cover stock.

Anyways, it was really great to take a little bit of a break from the computer!

A very belated thank you. . .

To my Decor8 magazine swap mate, Ali! Fabulous reads. . .and so is her blog, if you haven't seen it!

April 09, 2007

Wee Gallery

I actually spotted these awesome Wee Gallery Flash Cards at Anthropologie (after I finally took my eyes of the Milo Sofa), of all places:Which can be hung on one of these sweet mobiles:
"Wee Gallery was conceived by Surya and Dave, graphic designer and teacher" who really did their research and learned that newborns are most attracted to their parent's faces and black and white geometric figures. These adorable and educational handpainted illustrations can also be found on wall decals, greeting cards, clothing sets, and wrapped canvases, all available at weegallery.com. They've also got a cafepress site where you can get t's for all ages, posters, prints and gretting cards.

I think I'm going to have to make these my signature gift at baby showers! (images from weegallery.com)

Spot the Dog food bowl

I'll take it. And the mini-dauchshund, too. (link via kstyle, images from Really Linda Barker)

Anthropologie: Milo Sofa

I swung by my local local brick-and-mortar Anthropologie today and saw this black and white Marimeko print covered Milo Sofa, which looked amazing in person. All their upholstered furniture is is 25% off through the end of April. Now, how to raise $3000 by April 30. . .

Around About Clock

Around About clock from Anthony Dickens works by the numbers rotating clockwise and the red arm staying in place. Of course, I like the way it looks, but I really like how it's switched up our expectations of how a clock should function. (link via design-milk, image from Anthony Dickens)

Sol LeWitt dies at 78

A life in art is an unimaginable and unpredictable experience.” -Sol LeWitt.

April 05, 2007

Garden Gate Ring

Thanks to Green Zebra {a new blog on the block from Armato Design & Press}, my latest Etsy purchase is this beautiful Garden Gate ring from contrary. . .only $12 with free shipping! When I first saw it, I immediately had someone in mind to gift it to when I purchased it. . .but I'm having second thoughts and thinking it will be right at home in my jewelry box ;)

Leather Card Case Tutorial

A great tutorial on how to make a leather card case over at Bluelines. Looks like pretty simple and quick project.


Bagel + CD spindle = perfect fit. (link via core77, image from)

Bomdesign Birdhouses

Now here's a birdhouse that I would put up. . .made from recycled billboards. (link via, images from bombdesign)

Scenes from a blog

A New York Times op-ed illustration by Paula Scher (via)

April 04, 2007

Modern Art Everyday: Chocolate Lab

One of my favorite stops on Etsy is Modern Art Everyday. I am in love with this Chocolate Lab gilcee print on canvas, available with your choice of background colors (red, blue, cream--my favorite, green, or yellow). Only $23 right here. Just my opinion, but I think a black lab with cream background would also be a lovely option;) (image from Modern Art Everyday)

St. Augustine

Last Saturday, we decided to do some exploring and took a day trip to St. Augustine. Despite it being on the touristy side and having a bit of a spring break crowd, we still had a wonderful day wandering the narrow, cobbled streets of the "old city" with it's quaint Floridian houses and beautifully worn buildings. A couple of places I would highly recommend you visit if you're ever in St. Augustine:

+Bouvier Maps & Prints: They're located a little bit off the beaten path, {I think} down by the Oldest House but worth it with their amazing collection of antique maps and prints. We must have spent at least an hour browsing in this tiny store that is jam packed with treasures. (image from Bouvier Maps & Prints)

+Crucial Coffee: Ironically, we had smoothies. . .which were absolutely amazing, 100% fruit, no sugar added. And how can you not stop and have a drink at this place?

+Love Tree Cafe: It didn't make into the picture below, but story behind this place is there's a palm tree that's grown and fused together with an oak tree and if you kiss underneath it, your love will last for ever. . .and, of course we did, just to be safe ;) It's actually an antique store/cafe/base for tours. We had a late lunch there which was absolutely delicious.

Anyways, I put a few pics up on {very neglected} Flickr of my St. Augustine signage finds.

April 03, 2007

Candy Script Pillows

More cool new Veer Merch. . .

These would be about perfect if they came in black and white, but I'm still loving these pillows from Veer covered with Alejandro Paul's Candy Script. Just $40 for the pair right here. I'm also imagining that a chair covered in this fabric would be pretty sweet. . .Veer, how about you go ahead and get on that! (image from Veer)

Helvetica Notebook

Love it or hate it? No need to choose sides with this two-sided Helvetica notebook from Veer. (image from Veer)

Burke & Hazelden Armoire

I don't think I'd be brave enough to have one of these in my house, but certainly admire what a statement it makes. I do like the idea of a boldly painted piece, but maybe something smaller. (link via design milk, image from Burke & Hazelden)

La Maison de L'Elephant

Love these chairs from La Maison de L'Elephant spotted by another shade of grey.