March 13, 2007

To Kelsey or not to Kelsey?

I've been looking for a tabletop letterpress for awhile and just in the last couple months have been more actively looking and seriously saving/selling all I have on eBay. I've been looking at the usual recommended sites, but it just seems like presses aren't as cheap or easy to come by as they used to be. I've been looking into an affordable 5'x8' Kelsey, but for every person who says not to get a Kelsey, I seem to find another that says they work just great. I'm just a newbie, but I'd like to get my hands on a good press and not have to sell the old one/buy a new one. Anyways, anyone out there have any opinions/suggestions/experience on Kelseys?


Kathleen said...

Have you ever contacted Erin at Adventures in Letterpress?
I think she has recently started using a Kelsey. She might have some good info for you.

Maria said...

I guess it depends on what you want to print and how serious you think you might be about letterpress. Kelseys are definitely not top notch printing machines, but if you do get one, get one that doesn't need any repairs since it won't be worth money to repair a Kelsey. I have a Golding Pearl platen myself and was originally looking for a tabletop, but I'm really glad I went a bit bigger and bought a Pearl. The best resource to find out about what type of press to invest in is through from people who have printed on different types of presses. It's worth the time to educate yourself about different presses before you purchase.

Erin McCall said...

Hi there:

As Kathleen mentioned, I have a post on this very topic on my blog at:

Hope it answers some of your questions. Kelseys and other small presses are perfect for beginners, and I highly recommend starting small. Chances are though, that you may choose to move up to a bigger press eventually, as you get more experience.

Best of luck and happy letterpressing!

Erin McCall
Adventures in Letterpress

JHAYNE said...

a much belated thanks for all the advice! erin, i have stopped by your blog before, great resource. life has been far to busy to pursue more letterpress, but i hope this summer i can get it all going! i'll keep you all posted!