March 20, 2007

Swap Meat

I'm always up for a swap and the folks over at Coudal seem wicked cool. . .and how can one not participate in something titled Swap Meat? Here's the deal:

It seems like everyone we know is making stuff. People are publishing books and photography products, creating tee shirts, posters, stationery, stickers, games, pins, movies, music and toys. Periodically, we receive unsolicited stuff in the mail. We love getting it and most of the time we return the favor by sending back some of the stuff we've made.

So let's try doing this on a slightly larger scale in an attempt to make lots of people as happy as we are when the FedEx guy shows up unannounced.

During the rest of March, send us some of your stuff. Not stuff you made for clients or stuff you just have laying around. Send us some of the stuff you made for yourselves, that you're selling or giving away. You're going to have to trust us on this, but we'll check out what you send and then send you back some stuff of approximately equal value. That might be stuff we received from someone else or some of our stuff, or some combination of the two.
Check out the "swapped meat" so far and find out where to send your stuff here. (link via swissmiss)

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