March 01, 2007


I can't believe it's already March! It's as warm and sunny as summer here in Florida, so maybe that's adding to my feeling of the year just flying by way too fast. Life as of late has been a busy stream of work, work, eat a little, sleep even less, then back to even more work!

Last night I finally had a few moments to page through the March 07 issue of Domino, which I really enjoyed as the entire issue featured well-designed eco-friendly products. You name it, clothes to cars, food to floors to fabrics, this issue had it all! I was really amazed at all the details they provided about how each product deserved "eco cred."

I love the floor in this little galley kitchen (feature in this issue). . .who knew linoleum could look so good?

On a magazine side note, I'm very excited that there were enough international sign-ups for the magazine swap that Holly had set up and I was set up with someone from the UK! I'll be sure and post pics about it when my mags arrive.

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decor8 said...

you are so adorable, i'm happy you are excited! :)