March 08, 2007

Helvetica: The Film - Official Film Poster

"Meet the cast." Very clever. . .I like clever. You can get your own copy of the official Helvetica film poster right here.


Ale said...

I love it! Might use it in my advertising blog.

PLEASE post a pic of your 'kern' shirt!!

Keep it up!

Joanna Goddard said...

Oh my god, I just discovered your blog. I am so in love with it already. I am a huge typography fan and have been perusing all the archives. Such great stuff!!! I am so glad you exist!

midcenturyjo said...

Love this! Want to see the sequels.

JHAYNE said...

ale-it's actually the kern zip-up sweatshirt from veer; one of these day's i'll get around to posting it!

joanna-thanks for you kind words!

jo-haha, sequels would be the lowercase letters. . .or script versions. . .ok, i'm really being a nerd now.

Jim Kidwell said...

In honor of the SXSW premier of the film, we’re giving away one of the Helvetica fine art posters from the film on our website:

Come armed with your own witty haiku and you could win the poster.