March 08, 2007

Green Chair Press

Nothing like an Etsy purchase to start off the morning! This 8"x 10" wood type collage broadside (letterpressed with wood type) was only $10 from Green Chair Press. There was only a limited edition of 8 printed and lucky for me, it looks like I got 8/8!

Update: Green Chair Press noted in the comments below that there are a few more of these available, so head on over to Etsy and pick one up quick!


kim. said...

LOVE THAT - I would have ordered one :(

kim. said...

Wierd - I went on Etsy and it said one left so I ordered one. Hmmmm. Then I went back and it still said one left. Well, I better get it sent to me or not get charged one or the other but not both!!!

Thanks for posting this - added greenchairpress to my favs!

poppy said...

: ( - i missed out - but great find.

Green Chair Press said...

Thanks for putting up my collage! And thanks to Kim for letting me know that it was posted here. jhayne got 1/8 and Kim got 2/8. And I actually have 5 more left.

As a seller of editions on Etsy, it seems like listing one at a time means the items don't get buried quickly and then don't sell. But the "1 in stock" label is indeed confusing. So now I know I should put some more info in my descriptions so viewers know there are more available. Thanks again for letting me know that!

JHAYNE said...

GCP, thanks for the update! Now everyone else, get yours quick!