March 02, 2007


Like many others out there, I've also enjoyed the latest issue of Blueprint and agree it's made some moves in the right direction editorially; third times the charm, right? The content is right up my alley, but I have to confess that I'm actually more smitten with the design of the magazine; isn't the image and layout of this contents page just gorgeous? (images from March/April 2007 Blueprint)

Typographic sensory overload!

I'm hoping that they move to doing it monthly so I can get my fix more often. . .but in the meantime, I suppose their {just as equally visually arresting} new blog, Bluelines, will have to do.

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rebekka said...

Uh, I totally agree. It's complete eye candy for me...I wish I were more interested in the content, but I'm pretty content just gawking at the pictures.