February 02, 2007

On the hunt for: Wallpaper

I have a confession. . .unlike my blog and most of my wardrobe, our place is not decked out floor to ceiling in black and white. As much as I'd love it to be, it's probably good to have some balance.

I'm on the hunt for some red and white wallpaper for this backsplash area of our recently rennovated kitchen:
If you can't tell from the pic, the cabinets are white with a bead board finish. The wall on the left of the pic will be painted a solid red with white wainscoting below. Any suggestions for great (and affordable) red and white wallpaper finds?


Deanna said...

Hi! I just found your blog via Design-Feed and I thought I would make a suggestion for your kitchen. I had a really beautiful paper in mind - and damn if I can find the website or remember thier name, though I will keep looking.

In the meantime - you could always skip the wallpaper and try one of these. Being a graphic designer myself I kind of like the idea of type on walls.


Deanna said...

Okay - here it is.


My favorite fabric/wallpaper/pattern designers.

Deanna said...

bah - I lied! They do not do wallpaper. I thought they did though...I must be loosing my mind.

There's always


I'm a fan of


okay - I'll leave you alone now. Cheers!

midcenturyjo said...

Hi Jhayne have a look at Florence Broadhurst's designs at Signature Prints

Another Shade of Grey said...

Let me think about this one for a bit. Red and white....mmmmm. I'll get back with you for my suggestion.

kim. said...

I can't help but think that a black/white print would be pretty! (go figure) Then if you put a couple of red items on the counter, it would tie in your red wall. Or glass mosaic tiles in white/clear with a couple of red ones scattered about. (Damn I want to redo my kitchen NOW- if it could look half as nice as yours I'll be happy).

JHAYNE said...

great suggestions every, thanks so much!

deanna-great links! i'm a big fan of marimekko, too.

jo-i love the collection at signature prints. . .but i'm sad to say it's out of my price range!

kim-black/white/red would look really good, but we're doing dark/light blues in other parts of the house that you can see from the kitchen, so we're (sniff, sniff) staying away from lots of black. and you'd never guess, but your cabinets are from lowe's. . .the cheapest custom line!

kim. said...

You're right then about not doing b/w wallpaper. I think I have to stick to Ikea if I redo my cabinets (thinking about painting them)- we don't have Lowe's here.