February 07, 2007

Lupton & Miller Home

I think I might be the only one on the {design} planet that did not know that two design greats, Ellen Lupton (you might recognize D.I.Y: Design It Yourself, Thinking with Type, D.I.Y. Kids Blog) and Abbot Miller (partner at Pentagram, etc.) were Ellen Lupton AND Abbot Miller. Anyways, a great article and slide show in the Baltimore Sun on their Bolton Hill rowhouse.

I'm very fascinated to see what designer's homes look like; well, more like any homes for that matter, but those belonging to designer's in particular. One thing I'm disappointed they don't have a picture of is Abbot's black-and-white wallpaper pattern for KnollTextiles that the article says is "composed of entangled letter forms." The Sun article says it's named "Miller," but I've found a line named "Merge" on Knoll's website. Anyone out there familiar with it or better yet, have a picture of it? (photo from Baltimore Sun website, link via Design Observer)


Elizabeth said...

the pattern they're talking about is "merge," it's just a very poorly constructed paragraph which is why there's confusion

"displayed against Miller's black-and-white wallpaper pattern Miller composed of entangled letter forms for KnollTextiles.

The pattern, called Merge, is in the Cooper-Hewitt's permanent collection."

JHAYNE said...

oh, i see! poorly constructed paragraph plus a reader (me) who did not pay close attention =) thanks, elizabeth!

Jessica said...

this wallpaper was installed in abbott and ellen's previous home in bolton hill. you can see several of the rooms on design*sponge along with a short interview. check it out!