February 26, 2007

Augusto Ghibelli: Book of Chess

Chess has always been cool (at least in my opinion) and now it's super cool. . .I like seeing the graffiti type for pieces in Augusto Ghibelli's Book of Chess instead of the "usual suspects." (image and link via SubStudio)

Smoke house incense burner

Not black nor white, but worthy of a post as a very clever design solution. . .get your own Smoke House Incense burner here. (image from velocity)

Katrina Cottages now at Lowe's

I'm very excited to see that Marianne Cusato's Katrina Cottage, voted winner of the first-ever Cooper-Hewitt People's Design Award, is now available at Lowe's.

It is just my humble opinion, but I think too often people underestimate to power of design. For example. . . Would you rather live here?

Or here?

Both options provide proper shelter, but a home is much more than that. . .in which would you feel more dignified? More hopeful? The answers won't be the same for everyone at there, but at least now there is a choice.

Projects like this are a reminder of the power of design to truly change people's lives. Marianne's is just one of many Katrina Cottages. Learn more about this dignified and beautiful yet safe, durable and affordable alternative to the FEMA trailer here and here. (images from, link via)

BY HZL rugs

Really digging these bold, funky rugs Swedish Designer Calle Henzel of BY HZL. (images from 2modern)

Djs de légende eté 5ème édition Lounge Rug

Soho X Rug
Flight / Screen Lounge Rug

February 23, 2007

Ikea: Tripp Tins

I love these Ikea tins (only $2.99 for all three) seen at how about orange. . .it'd like to have a whole bunch of the large black and white one lined up on a shelf in my office. Red ones would go in our red and white kitchen and the green ones I can fill with coffee and give as gifts! I'm bummed because they're not available to to be ordered online. . .maybe we can arrange a swap for something from Ikea-less Orlando! (image from ikea.com)
The design actually reminds me of a promotional brochure that Adobe did a couple years back. . .I'll dig it out of my archive and post on here, but I wonder if it's the same illustrator.

Striped railing! Magazine swap!

Fun, fun striped railing from Australian Vogue Living seen at desire to inspire.

And speaking of international magazines, decor8 is holding an International Magazine swap! There's already a wait list (which I'm on) for the US/CAN side, so any international readers out there, head over to decor8 to find out how to sign up.

"Architects" at Banana Republic

Got a good laugh out of this article at Gawker about the new Banana Republic ads featuing "architects at work" as my husband is an {intern} architect and I do graphic design work for the firm he works at. Gawker asked "Well, you guys do spend a lot of time in the airy conference room overlooking the Hudson, staring at little wooden dollhouses and making flirty-eyes at each other, right?" Duh, what firm doesn't do that? (via Bldgblog)

Good Shape Design: New Prints

Love this new print by Wayne Pate of Good Shape Design seen over at Design*Sponge. . .it has me itching to get back into printmaking. (image from Design Sponge)

Hello, again!

Whoa! Wednesday has long come and gone. . .but I suppose better late than never. We had a great time with family in town, although I'm convinced they (from Chicago) brought some of the unusually cold for Florida weather down with them. Anyways, just a quick post to say "yes, I'm alive"!

February 16, 2007


Sorry of my lack of posts the past few days. . .we've been busy, busy, busy getting our place all pulled together for family that is in town for the long weekend. I'm not sure if I'll be posting for the next few days, but I promise to be back with lots more inspiration by next Wednesday. In the meantime, I thought I'd leave you all with few places around the blogger-hood I've enjoyed visiting lately:

+An absolutely beautiful post on black and white {interior} inspiration at Absolutely Beautiful Things.

+ Lots of eye-candy at print+pattern's recent series of posts on books about patterns.

+ And after buying up all those pattern books, you'll need a place to put them! Check out Desire to Inspire's post on bookshelves for ideas.

+ Design*Sponge is always a great read, but I've really enjoyed the recent sneak peeks into designer's homes and the eBay finds {Etsy finds next week} on the D*S Guest Blog.

+ Next time we buy a house, I hope it comes with a "petite casapinka."


February 13, 2007

Naughty Letters

My obsession with type might have just hit an all time low, but honestly, this is the funniest thing I've spent $11 on in a long, long time. . .Naughty Letters, typographic {tongue-in-cheek} Kama Sutra. This little book is handmade with french-fold pages and a hidden stab binding. Sorry, there was only one copy and it's shipping to me. Hope to see more books in BlueAlgae's Etsy shop soon!

Marian Bantjes: 150 Valentines

Now, here's a Valentine I would love to receive. From Marian Bantjes to 150 special people out there, a different hand-drawn valentine for each of you. Check out the other 140 beautifully drawn valentines and more of her recent work here. (image from www.bantjes.com)

February 12, 2007

Harrilu: Thistle Shirred Cap Sleeve Tee

Really like this hand silkscreened tee from Harrilu on Etsy.

Whimsy Press

Donna over at Whimsy Press sent over these love/hate cards that I'm definitely on the love side of. Take a closer look on the "hate" side and you should discover a gun, skull and knife hidden in the design. Check out more "whimsy" here! Thanks for sharing, Donna!

February 11, 2007

Russell + Hazel

Why must rubber bands be that ugly, lifeless taupe-ish color. . .I much prefer--and suspect you would too--these from Russel + Hazel (also available in bright green/yellow and pink/orange).

One of my projects for this year (I've given myself a nice open time line!) is to get my recipes organized. This beautiful recipe binder set that comes with two binders, section tabs, recipe pages, recipe cards and menu planning sheets would be very helpful to accomplishing that!

(images from russel + hazel, link via I Heart Luxe)

February 08, 2007

Beehive SoftBowls

I really like when items are made from unexpected materials like these Beehive SoftBowls made out of 100% molded wool. A bonus is that these use less than 1/10 the energy needed to make similar ceramic products. They're available in several different colors and designs at Branch. (images from Branch)

Pink Candy Purse

I never would have guessed that this purse was made out of bar codes from candy wrappers. . .in addition to reusing wrappers, by purchasing this limited edition Pink Candy Purse at Zanisa, a tree will be planted and a donation will be made to Doctors without Borders. (image from Zanisa.com)

Henry Road patterns

I like the mix of the bold floral graphic of this Gloria tablecloth with the somewhat more linear patter on these Grid napkins. Many more goods in many more colors at Henry Road. (link via Outblush)

J.Crew: Retro-dot Mini

I love the singular pop of yellow on this bold, graphic print on this J.Crew Retro-dot Mini. Don't look to closely as it's actually navy. . .I would really love it in black, white and yellow.

February 07, 2007

Lupton & Miller Home

I think I might be the only one on the {design} planet that did not know that two design greats, Ellen Lupton (you might recognize D.I.Y: Design It Yourself, Thinking with Type, D.I.Y. Kids Blog) and Abbot Miller (partner at Pentagram, etc.) were Ellen Lupton AND Abbot Miller. Anyways, a great article and slide show in the Baltimore Sun on their Bolton Hill rowhouse.

I'm very fascinated to see what designer's homes look like; well, more like any homes for that matter, but those belonging to designer's in particular. One thing I'm disappointed they don't have a picture of is Abbot's black-and-white wallpaper pattern for KnollTextiles that the article says is "composed of entangled letter forms." The Sun article says it's named "Miller," but I've found a line named "Merge" on Knoll's website. Anyone out there familiar with it or better yet, have a picture of it? (photo from Baltimore Sun website, link via Design Observer)

Greggo Magnets

Yesterday I decided I would finally (7 months after our move) dig into my still unpacked boxes labeled "design stuff." I was somewhat dreaded this task as there's much organization yet to be done. Even though it took me several hours just to sort through the stuff, it was almost like Christmas unearthing all sorts of design goodness. . .like these magnets I had completely forgotten I even owned:

These Magnet Mosaics are made by Greggo Magnets. I purchased them at one of my all time favorite stores, Form (located in St. Joseph, Michigan where we used to live). I didn't see the type magnets for sale on Greggo Magnets' site, but you can still get your fix of this design in 4"x4" coasters. (image from greggomagnets.com)

Pieke Bergmans

I have this thing for nesting bowls, especially in white. . .like these Eggshells from Pieke Bergmans, an industrial designer from Holland. Something about that repetition of form and shadows that I just love. (images from Bergmans' website, link via The Style Files)

February 05, 2007

Felt Number Pillows

I love the scale of the numbers on these felt number pillows from Scarlet Alley; almost abstract graphic forms instead of numbers. Thanks to Another Shade of Grey for another great find! (image from Scarlet Alley's website)

Dashboard Dollies

Fun, fruity and gocco'd "dashboard dollies" from Jek in the Box on Etsy ("where kookiness reigns!"). Don't worry, they also come in rainbow brights. (via Modish)

February 03, 2007

Firefly Press video

A fantastic video about letterpress, seen through the eyes of John Kristensen, proprietor of Firefly Press in Sommerville, Massachusetts. Read more about Firefly Press here. (link via That's Right and CreativeIQ)

Graham & Brown Frames

I'm sure this is probably not new to many of you out there, but I love, love, love this Taylor & Wood Frames wallpaper from Graham & Brown. . .black and white frames and you fill in the blanks! It won't work for our kitchen, but I can just imagine this covering a wall in my {imaginary} studio space, with lots of black and white photography and type. (images from Graham & Brown's website)

February 02, 2007

Naughty Ice Cream Sandwiches

As I said earlier this week, I'm not big on Valentine's Day. . .but this ice cream sandwich could definitely get me in the spirit. Enjoy! (link via tastespotting, image from pinch my salt)

M is for Modern Flashcards

If we had kids, they'd definitely be learning their alphabet via these M is for Modern Flashcards from Jargon Boy. "Forget A is for Apple. B is for Bauhaus is where it's at." (spotted in HOW mag 02/07, image from jargonboy.com)

Pentagram welcomes Luke Hayman

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at this party. . .

On the hunt for: Wallpaper

I have a confession. . .unlike my blog and most of my wardrobe, our place is not decked out floor to ceiling in black and white. As much as I'd love it to be, it's probably good to have some balance.

I'm on the hunt for some red and white wallpaper for this backsplash area of our recently rennovated kitchen:
If you can't tell from the pic, the cabinets are white with a bead board finish. The wall on the left of the pic will be painted a solid red with white wainscoting below. Any suggestions for great (and affordable) red and white wallpaper finds?

"Cure" for your Design Disease

A couple months back I posted a link to fantastic post (at least to me, who identifies with the idea of "design running through your veins like Pantone 7418") on Noisy Decent Graphics that included a visual chronicle of "The Design Disease." As one who is self-diagnosed, I am thrilled to see Ben has started a Flickr pool where we can all us commiserate together.

Mel Robson

Beautiful work by Mel Robson, a ceramics artist in Brisbane, Australia. Mel says she's working on getting her work for sale online. . .I'm definitely looking forward--and saving up--to that! (link via Another Shade of Grey and Karin's Style Blog)

Tree Fall Design

I hate to use the phrase "super cute" twice in one week, but these little sock puppies, available at Tree Fall Design on Etsy, are just that: (link via kstyle)

On a side note, I remember seeing a tutorial for these in Martha Stewart Holiday Handmade Gifts mag from 2006. I've got the mag and if anyone would like a copy of the tutorial, feel free to send me an email.

February 01, 2007

CB2 Rugs

I'm on the hunt for a dark blue runner for the entrance of our condo. . .yet I keep getting distracted by much more interesting black and white ones, like this Sleepy Hollow rug
and Morocco rug from CB2:

(images from CB2's website)

P.O.S.H. Chicago

I saw these fun pancake plates on Tastespotting today that reminded me it's been awhile since I've looked at the goods on P.O.S.H. Chicago's website:

Love these vintage Argentine Lottery numbers:

And these Paris Souvenir Bowls (with matching mugs, plates and tea towels):

I've never been to their brick and mortar, but next time I'm visiting my folks I'm definitely going to make a trip from the 'burbs to N. State Street!