January 04, 2007

West Elm: Stone Rug

I've been on the search for rugs lately and came across this beauty that unfortunately will not work anywhere in our condo. The main color of this rug is 'espresso'--and not black. I love the look of this stone rug from West Elm for underneath a round or square dining room table, like it's tying everyone together around the table. I also like the contrasts of light, organic circle with the dark, geometric square. (image from WestElm.com)

1 comment:

kat said...

Oh, that is nice! My house is 280 years old, but furnished in a very modern way. I love the contrast of old | new.

Props to West Elm. I think their stuff is getting better.

Oh, I'm a big fan of black + white too. But I so love colour :)