January 09, 2007

Endless ideas

Yes, taking a break for some great ideas in living color. . .

I'm very fascinated with this concept of creating art that is interactive; the art becomes it's finished piece by choice of the final owner. And, it's fun to be constantly changing up your artwork! Both artists below have created a set of pieces that can be put in any order to create a picture. This concept is somewhat reminiscent to the idea behind the graphics for the new Sak's logo. . .and has turned on a very bright inspiration light in my head. (Links and images via GraphicDesignBar and Drawn!)

Artist Alice Angus's beautiful Endless Landscapes are a set of 18 interchangeable magnets.

John Ralston has taken the polyorama to Moo cards

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Alice said...

Thanks Trisha for the lovley comments on my magnets. Its cool to be mentioned alongside JR whose beautiful moo cards I only recently discovered. If anyone wants a set of my magnets they can now get them online from: http://proboscis.org.uk/store.html