January 29, 2007

Desire to Inspire

If anyone else out there is like myself who had become addicted to the fabulous but now defunct Flickr group Rooms I Heart (started by Holly at decor8), you'll be happy to hear that there's a new drug to feed that addiction: Desire to Inspire. Thanks to Jo, an Interior Designer from Australia and Kim, a "design junkie" and Web Developer from Canada, who met on Rooms I Heart and decided to pick up where things left off. I'm excited to add this to my list of daily reads, as Kim has already confessed to a love for all things black and white, like this room seen on www.houseofpictures.dk:


midcenturyjo said...

Thanks for the plug for our blog. We promise to keep the black and white rooms coming.

kim. said...

Ohhhh...I can GUARANTEE I'll be posting more black/white rooms. Actually I kind of just did! Thanks for this post!