January 03, 2007

Anthropologie: A-to-Z Bangles

Tried on one of these A-to-Z Bangles at the store today, but didn't end up buying one since they are just a tad bit to large for my wrists. . .plus, $38 seemed a little bit steep as they really light and almost feel like they made entirely of paper. In any case, this paper-mache-ish bracelet is going in my ideas and inspirations file. (image from anthropologie.com)

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Casey said...

Hello! I've really enjoyed reading your blog the last month--black and white is one of my favorite color combinations! :)

Anyway, I was commenting to let you know that these Anthrpologie bangles inspired me too. I made something similar (not exactly spot-on, but with minor adjustment it could be) and posted a tutorial with step-by-step photos on my blog. :)

Keep up the fabulous blogging!