January 31, 2007

Itty Bitty Cylinder

Super cute itty bitty cylinders (only about 3.75 " high, 2.375" in diameter)from CircaCeramics on Etsy.

Armato Design & Press

I'm not all that big on Valentine's, but I could definitely be into it with one of these great letterpress cards by Armato Design & Press:

Shoot cupid is my favorite. . .it says "Having had enough with love, Ned decided to take matters into his own hands. . ."

Armato Design & Press is run by Amy Barker-Armato is a graphic designer/letterpress printer out of Minneapolis, Minesota. Don't all graphic designer's wish they were "slash lettepress printer"? I know I do! Anyways, check out more, like beautiful "fill in the blank invites" Armato Design & Press on Etsy!

NYC Transit Authority GSM

Great Flickr set of the NYC Transit Authority's Graphic Standards Manual circa 1970. (via swissmiss)

French signage

A extensive collection of French vernacular signage. (via Design Observer)

January 30, 2007


I actually found GoodShape by clicking on an ad I saw on DesignSponge. . .GoodShape a little design studio run by Wayne Pate in NoHo NYC. I love this "Keep it Surreal" t-shirt (also available in white). Check out more tees and prints at www.goodshapedesign.com.


Nonpareli is a small boutique in the D.C. suburb of Barnsville, Maryland. . .who also happens to sell some sweet goods on Etsy, like this Armour Sans Anguish striped halter dress (love having pockets in dresses):

And this etched stainless steel mobile by Polli. . .wish there was a pic of this hanging up in a room:


Mixed media prints by Miss Mary "Contrary" Andrews. I like the use of found objects and detail of actual stitching; love the striped stockings! But he best part. . .just $12 a print! See more "unique essentials for the eclectic lifestyle" at Contrary on Etsy or www.contrarygarden.com.

January 29, 2007

Thomas Broomé: ModernMantra

Very interesting use of type in these beautiful ink drawings by artist Thomas Broomé. ModernMantra is "a repetition of words that make up the dreams of the modern consumer." (link via)

Desire to Inspire

If anyone else out there is like myself who had become addicted to the fabulous but now defunct Flickr group Rooms I Heart (started by Holly at decor8), you'll be happy to hear that there's a new drug to feed that addiction: Desire to Inspire. Thanks to Jo, an Interior Designer from Australia and Kim, a "design junkie" and Web Developer from Canada, who met on Rooms I Heart and decided to pick up where things left off. I'm excited to add this to my list of daily reads, as Kim has already confessed to a love for all things black and white, like this room seen on www.houseofpictures.dk:

January 28, 2007

Knock Knock

I would love to be a part of the creative team that dreams up the ideas behind KnockKnock's goods. Wit is always a hit with me. Check out their 36 new items in Spring '07 collection. . .below are a few of my favorites from the new line:

(Paper E-mail, Thanks a Lot, Or Else, Just thought you should know)

January 25, 2007

Thomas Paul

Just gorgeous. . .more eye-candy at thomaspaul.com. Thanks, decor8 for the heads-up!

Anthropologie: Ink Flourish Clock

Lovely ink flourish clock. . .I like how it's square with a frame; a functional piece of art. (Another $398 item!) (Link via)

January 24, 2007


Beautiful Japanese style woodblock prints by Australian printmaker Kylie Budge. See more at MizuDesigns on Etsy.

Ironic Sans on Art

Paintings of descriptions of the paintings. . .I love it. Clever, witty. . .brilliant!

Anthropologie: Crosshatch Satchel

Spotted this beautiful Crosshatch Satchel right on Anthropologie's home page. (Like it? Yes. Want to pay $398 for it? Not so much.)

January 23, 2007

Subway Commuter's Lunch Bag

Inspired by the proportions of NYC subway signage by Massimo Vignelli, Pratt graduate ID student Marti Zabell designed the Subway Commuter's Lunch bag. I really like the pop of color on the inside. (link via craft)

ps. While we're talking Vignelli and the NYC subway system, check out this outtake from the upcoming Helvetica documentary (via)

Heidi Panelli

Heidi Panelli sent over these great black and white prints available from her ImageKind gallery:
If these patterns are looking familiar, they're the same designs that can be found on modpillows.com (also by Heidi and recently mentioned over at Design*Sponge). I'm digging these word pillows:

Thanks for sharing, Heidi!


I like my design with a twist. . .such as the surprise of these realistic oversize pebbles actually being so soft and comfortable. Find out more about these Livingstones at Smarin.net. (link via modern self)

Contemporary Living Solutions

Keeping with the chalkboard theme, Holly over at decor8 posted about these great chalkboard vases from Contemporary Living Solutions:

And while browsing around on CLS, spotted (can't get away from the puns these days) this fabulous chair (also available in white with black dots):


I'm definitely one who always likes to be prepared. Every Card for a Year is a set of 40 cards with 13 different designs that should get you through the year--even 2 valentines, just in case. Another plus is that they're printed on 100% post-consumer paper. Purchase your set at Elsewheres. (link via Graphic Design Bar : via Outblush)

January 22, 2007


Love the graphic look of this Radiolaria Lines Bracelet and Pendant. NervousSystem is the (pun-intended) brainchild of Jessica, a Harvard graduate architecture student and Jesse, a mathematics student at MIT. Their work is particularly intriguing to me as Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture has recently made it into our--graphic designer and {intern}architect--design library. Behind every simply beautiful thing can be found a complex pattern of proportion and order; the best design often takes a methodical approach with careful attention to these patterns. . .a great book for all to check out. Anyways, looking forward to seeing more from NervousSystem at their shop on Etsy.

Great IdeaGlobe(TM)

Just stumbled across the Readymade group on Flickr (photos of creations from the magazine of the same name). . .lots of good ideas such as this fun "polar chalk board":


From the folks over at notcot: TasteSpotting. . .think edible design. Yum.

(Find this macroon recipe and image here)

Etsy Labs

This is old news to many of you out there, but just in case you're living under a rock and haven't heard about the opening of the first Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, I couldn't describe it better than the Etsy folks themselves:

"a communal creative space where we could offer resources, support, and classes to our users and the DIY community at large. It will be home to parties, trunk shows, seminars, workshops, a lending library, and all other sorts of fantastic things. It will have a silkscreen press, a letterpress, film, music, and video production facilities, jewelry making stations, sewing machines, sergers, and so, so much more."
Silkscreen? Letterpress? Sounds like a little slice of creative heaven.

A little sneak peak at the completed kitchen. . .love the flooring:

And if--unlike myself--you have the pleasure of living within access of Brooklyn. . .don't miss the opening on February 1st! Watch Etsy's blog for more news.

January 21, 2007

Paper to Canvas

Beautiful portraits by Seth Balliet that incorporate personal touches like photographs, fabric, cards and letters. Like myself, Balliet is a graphic designer doing these portraits as "a nice departure from the daily routine of computer-aided design." See more of his work and find out how to commision a piece on his website. (link via)

Thanks, design-feed!

Thanks to design-feed for adding black white bliss! I'm honored be listed along with these great sites.

January 19, 2007


Wow. . .absolutely gorgeous book pieces by Lana Lambert.

She also has gorgeous woodblock prints. . .see more at PistolesPress on Etsy.

Rodney White

More typographic art. . .paintings by Rodney White. (link via, images from White's site)

January 18, 2007


Lately, I've been into anything hand-drawn (especially architecture) on anything but paper. . .like these little pieces of wearable art (a.k.a. pendents) by Pidgeon on Etsy:

Darwin Bell's Sign Language

As a typoholic, my photo library is comprised of lots and lots and signage. . . so, I'm really into Darwin Bell's Sign Language drawn from the treasure trove of signage in San Francisco. (link via craftzine, images from Bell's site)

January 17, 2007

Eduard Erlikh

Gorgeous fashion illustrations by Eduard Erlikh (seen on domino.com). You can purchase offset prints of his work on his website.

So true

Saw this great shirt from Artefacture on designverb (who also has a tutorial on making paint chip card holders you might have seen around the blogosphere).

January 16, 2007

Circa Ceramics

Besides black and white, I also have a *small* obsession with little things. . .like these itty bitty bowls and tabs (little ready-to-hang-anywhere art) from Circa Ceramics (who happen to hail from my hometown, Chicago!). I love the simple graphics and yes, the bold use of color. Check out more of their very colorful work at Circa Ceramics's shop on Etsy.


Oh so very precious knitwear from Oeuf, where "good design is for all ages." (Link via Designers Block, images from oeufnyc.com)

Marcel Wanders: Cappellini

I'm with Holly, as fabulous as this looks. . .I, too, would rather spend $100 reviving an old antique chair than $1124 on new antique chair. But hey, more power to you if you've got cash to burn! (image from UnicaHome)

January 15, 2007


DesignSponge had a link to these great Stockholm plates at Rosanna, but while browsing around Rosanna's site, I was drawn to these beauties (clockwise, Bon Voyage, Les Femmes and Party Raffle--by far my favorite):

(images from Rosanna's site)


Bryony and Armin over at SpeakUp have launched a new spin-off page just for Quipsologies, now with audience participation. I like the new concept, but I love the new look, especially the logo.

On your left, from the authors. . .and on your right, go and "quip responsibly":

No wonder Armin works at Pentagram.


Carolina Leon Firrell (a graphic designer and porcelain painter in Paris) sent me a link to her lovely work, available at French Touche; or if you must have color, visit Evene. Thanks for sharing, Carolina! (images from French Touche)

January 14, 2007


I'm really digging these squared off mugs and bowls by Dovetail. They also have a simple, but great looking (and in HTML) website. Check out more homewares by Dovetail on Etsy.

January 12, 2007


Beautiful hand bound journal with a letterpress printed cover (let's just pretend that's black ink on the cover) and Mohawk Superfine pages by Alex Brooks. There's nothing like ink meeting an empty sheet of Superfine. See more at Alex's Etsy shop, press817 .

Thanks, decor8!

Thanks to Holly for featuring Black White Bliss on decor8's Blog of the Week! decor8 is regular source of design inspiration for me. Be sure to also check out Rooms I *heart*, my latest Flickr addiction, also brought to you by the fabulous decor8.

January 11, 2007


Came across these beautiful Recycled Silk Poppy Pins by Betsy Carr while getting browsing the ever so addicting Flickr. Not only a beautiful item but also gorgeous photo.

I also love this ivory felted wool scarf, I find myself drawn to anything with contrasting stitching--especially in black and white.

Visit Foundling (Betsy's shop on Etsy) where everything is made from vintage, found, recycled or repurposed materials.