December 31, 2007

Word Illusions :: Custom Ambigrams

I'm sneaking in a post in the last few hours of 2007!

With my holiday trimmings barely packed away, these incredible custom ambigrams by word illusion are already on my mind for a 2008 gift idea! Be sure to also check out artist Tiffany Harvey's ambigram flickr set. (link via quipsologies)

December 26, 2007

See you next year!

Well, designing a little holiday graphic and doing a post before Christmas were two things on my 'to do' list that did not just get done on time. . .but it is what it is! I'm taking the week off from blogland, so I'll see you in 2008!

December 18, 2007

Rae Dunn :: Ooh-la-la bowl

Ooh, I wish I had put this Rae Dunn ooh-la-la bowl on my Christmas list!

December 14, 2007

Human Calendar

Really digging this Brady-esque human calendar. Till the one day when the lady met this fellow. . . (link and image via design crush)

reiter8 :: Sail Totes

Great tote by reiter8 {also check out the reiter8 blog} made from recycled sail boat sales. (via poppytalkhandmade)

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I wish I had time to make a few of these {in a mix of black and white fabrics, of course} before Christmas, but alas, my "to do" list keeps getting longer and time before Christmas shorter. Maybe next year. Get the tutorial right here, by the super talented gal of The Small Object.

December 11, 2007

Paul Rand :: Dot Fantasy Fabric

This beautiful piece of Dot Fantasy vintage fabric by design legend Paul Rand
just sold on eBay for $1000. A grand for about a yard! (via design observer)

December 10, 2007

Bye Blueprint

Blueprint Magazine's January/February 2008 issue will be it's last. I'm very disappointed to hear this news; this is one of the few magazines that I felt really hit the spot for me as far as my interests and was a gorgeously designed glossy. Read more about it at Gawker and mediabistro.
(links via design*sponge)

Things, Part I

An apropos essay on "things" by Jessica Helfand over at Design Observer.

Tiny Buildings Blog

Lovely collection of tiny handcrafted handcrafted buildings made from business cards, packaging and other papers. Read artist Sharon's story behind these little pieces here. (link via swissmiss, image via tiny buildlings)

And I'm back!

Well, my exciting news I had to share is that I spent last week on vacation in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires! We had an absolutely fantastic trip; the weather was glorious and the city so friendly and full to the brim of things to see and do and amazing places to eat. It was my first trip to even the continent of South America and it's definitely impressed a desire for me to go back {hopefully soon!}.

I'm just getting back into the swing of things and I can't believe it's just two weeks til Christmas!

December 02, 2007

Blog Break

I´m taking a little blogging break. . .will be back next Monday with some exciting news to share! See you then!

November 28, 2007

Warm & Cozy in Grayscale

I love this piece that Joy of OhJoy! did for her weekly at Philadelphia Inquirer's Lifestyle. It's all just so warm and cozy, even without warm and cozy colors! (image from ohjoy!)

Marimekko Bottna at Finn Style

Love this mug (top left) Grace over at design*sponge posted on her 2007 Gift Guide: $50 and under and did more searching for other great pieces with this Marimekko pattern {clockwise: Bottna Large Mug, Bottna Dinner Plate, Bottna Pasta Bowl, Bottna Throw Pillow}. (images via

Vespa by Gap!

Custom crazy stripe Vespa by Gap! Seriously, I'll take one of these under my Christmas Tree. {Yes, yes, even though it's NOT black and white!} (link and image via outblush)

November 26, 2007

Bronwen Handcrafted :: Marimekko Sling

While a baby is not in any plans of our near future, I'm seriously tempted to get this gorgeous baby carrier! Made from Marimekko fabric by Brownen Handcrafted available on Etsy. I'm sure I could find some other things to carry with in it in the mean time. . .

November 20, 2007

Watch out wallet!

Supermarket makes it easy to buy great design. Like this lovely charcoal Stockholm bag by Etcetera Media. {p.s. Also check out the Superblog, too!}

(link via swissmiss)

Genius, I like the sound of that


November 19, 2007

Anne Black :: Porcelain Cups

Beautiful porcelain cups {and bowls and pitcher} from Danish design company Anne Black, available at peek keep.

Newly Designed Dooce

Congrats on a great new site design {in my humble opinion} over at Dooce. Loving all the black {of course} and oh no she di'nt pull out the Giddy Up.

Martha Stewart Crafts

I know, I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I've already in the Christmas-roll with my posts. . .but I was at Michael's the other day searching for supplies for my swap ornament {idea still in progress} and was inspired by the Christmas line from Martha Stewart Crafts:

Die-cut Snowflake felt ribbon (would look incredible on simple kraft wrap)

Gingerbread Favor Boxes (to fill what what else but homemade ginger snaps)

Silver Faux Bois wrapping paper (also available in blue and gold)

J.Crew :: Tangier-print Cardigan

I'm digging the print on this cardigan. . .I don't know if I could pull off wearing it, but I'd love to have a pillow in this pattern. Seriously, J. Crew, you need to start a home goods line!

Sweet & Toxic :: Amour Pilllow

Life in the 21st Amour Pillow by Sweet & Toxic, available at Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters :: Rugs

Paisley Printed

Flapper Dots

Homesick already

I'm loving Ork Poster's neighborhood posters I've seen posted around the blogosphere lately. . .this one in particular made me homesick as in just a few days it's home {to Chicago} for the holiday! I can remember many a Thanksgiving growing-up waking up the the first snow of the season. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I honestly can't wait to dig out my wool sweaters and winter coats. . .haha, probably because I know I'll be back in warm and sunny Florida in just a few days.

November 16, 2007

Diana Fayt :: Porcelain Tags

Beautiful porcelain tags from Diana Fayt available at her Etsy shop.

November 15, 2007

A well done annual report

Genius concept for an amazing well done annual report.

Croatian creative agency
Bruketa & Zinić have designed an annual report for food company Podravka that has to be baked in an oven before it can be read. Called Well Done, the report features blank pages printed with thermo-reactive ink that, after being wrapped in foil and cooked for 25 minutes, reveal text and images.

(link via core77, images via dezeen)

November 13, 2007

Earmark :: Call of the Wild holiday card

This is just for my dear friend who "yelled" at me on chat this morning that "Christmas is for COLOR!" I love this Call of the Wild card by Earmark on Etsy. If I'm gonna go for color, I'm going all out!

remake: Reroute (Braille) Envelopes

remake is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. Loving these new {to me at least} reroute envelopes made of Braille gridded paper and Braille clock worksheet paper.

Ikea Orlando!

Tomorrow is the grand opening of IKEA Orlando! As excited as I am, I don't know if I'm brave enough to attempt the crowds on opening day. I know they have amazing giveaways, but I'm pretty happy with the fact that this megastore of design goodness for great prices will just be 20 minutes away.

November 12, 2007

Henry Road :: Capri Journal

I'm a big fan of Henry Road, espcially the grid pattern. . .love the contrast stitching on the Capri journal. Would make a great gift!

November 08, 2007

2008 Zoo Sculpture Calendar

This desk-top menagerie will have you smiling all year long. (link via black eiffel)

Paper Orchid :: Cupcake Wrappers

Beautiful cupcake wrappers from Paper Orchid. (link via something old, something new)

November 07, 2007

Enja Wong :: Segements Prints

Segements Print I {also see II and III} by graphic designer Enja Wong, available at CB2 {and on sale for $39.95}.

Hana and Violet :: B&W Mod Top

Black and White Mod Top from Hana and Violet on Etsy. . .too cute!

Black Sheep/White Sheep Soaps

Black Sheep/White Sheep Soaps by Gianna Rose Atelier, available at Unica Home.

November 06, 2007

Semi-DIY 3D Christmas Cards

Love that these cards turn into cute holiday figures you can display. (images via, link via)

2nd Annual Holiday Ornament Swap

I participated last year and it was so much fun getting little packages from all over the world, I'm definitely signing up again. . .and you should, too! Stop over at cake+pie or freshlyblended {two of my favorite blogs}, sign up by November 9 and get crafty!

November 04, 2007

Black, White & Green Gift Set

Green As Can Be B&W Gift Set includes:
+One Set of Monochromatic Envirosax reusable grocery bags
+2 Eco Bags reusable produce bags
+1 black & white extra-large SIGG reusable water bottle with bottle cap holder

(images via

November 02, 2007

Bantjes vs. Vit + Dooce!

I have a HUGE freelance project that is due today, but while I've been waiting for things to print, I've been sneaking in on the action at today's Layer Tennis tournment with Armin Vit versus Marian Bantjes and play by play brought to you by Heather Armstrong (Dooce). Oh man, there's nothing like a bunch of creatives around the country goofing off on a Friday afternoon and trash talking about moves made in Adobe Illustrator. Oh yeah, graphic designers are sooo cool.

Blueprint :: Free Downloads

It's hard to believe it's already November especially in Florida when the sun is shining and it feels like it will be a perfect weekend to hit the beach. . .but this free download of beautifully designed wrapping paper from the folks over at Blueprint is enough to get my holiday spirits going! Also free to download is a desk calendar that you can print out and prop up with a CD jewel case. This is a great way to be able to give a beautifully designed and handmade gift if you're not the crafty type. (link via poppytalk)

October 29, 2007

Marian Bantjes :: Restraint

Marian Bantjes' ornament font Restraint is now available at Tiro Typeworks {just $45 for guaranteed endless hours of design bliss} Instructions for use included, better know your grid!

DJ Stout :: High Priority

DJ Stout's illustration for this week's High Priority in New York Magazine. (p.s. also check out Stout and his team's recent rebranding of RubyTuesday)

The epitome of patience

Or perhaps the definition of insanity. . .but in either case, a beautiful result! Fellow graphic designer Christine Flynn sent over this pic of her beautifully hand-painted (yup, hand-painted!) damask wall. When I asked Christine if she had any tips to offer, she said "just buy the wallpaper! haha!" Anyways, if you'd like to attempt this, arm yourself with lots of patience and a good stencil. Thanks, Christine!

p.s. Also check out Christine's new wedding invite line, love the card.

Silly soaps

Quirky and hilarious "food realism" soaps from mollycoddle on Etsy. Love the green eggs and ham. . .you also gotta see In a pickle and Chicken drumstick! (link via craftzine)