December 10, 2006

Interior Inspiration

O at Home is not one of my usual magazine reads, but I'm a sucker for "before & after" features and with a headline "Get Organized!: The O-What-a-Mess Challenge" I had to take a peek inside the Winter 2006 issue while at the grocery store the other day. . .and I ended up buying it!

Here are a few treats from an article about the renovation of a 645 sqft. NYC apartment owned by Jane Mount, a online furniture importer and artist, and Darko Karas, a graphic designer. I couldn't find the article online, so these are just scans of the magazine pages--which didn't turn out so great on my little all-in-one Epson, but hopefully you get the idea! (photos and quotes from O at Home Winter 2006)

"Jane and Darko painted the cupboards with Chalkboard Cupboards painted with Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes chalkboard paint and then had fun drawing their own pictures."

"Jane loved Dutch designer Tord Boontje's lacy, laser-cut curtain so much that she hung it in her shower. She put transparent cloth liner behind it, keeping the water in the shower bu still allowing light from the window over the tub to spill into the bathroom."
"By covering Cole & Son's "Woods" wallpaper with glass, Jane and Darko created a tree-themed backsplash."


kstyle said...

Just discovered your blog via cake and pie. Love the balck and white theme. I also have a black and white category at kstyle. Will be bak to visit often. k

bronwynhead said...

Here via Cake and Pie - great blog. I'd forgotten where I'd seen it but that's exactly what I am doing around my fridge (chalkboard paint.) I love that you can just write on the cabinet what it is you ran out of. No shopping list to lose (Oh. Guess you can't take them with you to the store.)