December 19, 2006

Allan McCollum: The Shapes Project

Allan McCollum's The Shapes Project is based on a "system" he designed to produce 31 billion unique shapes. . .one for each person in the planet to have their 2D design finger print of sorts. Truly, design for all:

To make certain that my system will be able to accommodate everyone, I have organized it to produce over 31,000,000,000 different shapes, which is more than the highest population estimates might require.

For the time being, around 214,000,000 of the shapes have been set aside for creative experimentation. These can be used for many different purposes—not only for fine art and design projects, but also for various social practices: as gifts, awards, identity markers, emblems, insignias, logos, toys, souvenirs, educational tools, and so forth.
I wondering how I can get my hands on one of these designs. . .say number 29,534,250,493? Below are a few pics from recent shows of the project: (link via DesignObserver, photos from Allan McCollumn's site)

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Jessica said...

the second image is amazing
wish I could be there